Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inspirational words...

This is a girl only post. Not that any guys are reading, but if any are, I can assure you that your interest in this is about to go to negative 50...

Last time I bought tampons, they had changed the box.  This tells me that a man is surely running the marketing scheme, because every female knows that it is totally un-cool for the box to change.  We know just how irritating it is when you are used to seeing the box look one way, but now it looks another way, so you are forced to stand in the dang "personal care" aisle for 5 minutes trying to figure out just which box it is that you now need.  So after my 5 minutes of looking, I got what I thought I needed, but it turns out I bought the "sporty" ones instead of the regular ones.

I don't think that the sporty ones have any difference other than packaging.  I kind of like the packaging better, because they don't come undone in your purse and they aren't so loud.  But the funniest thing is that they have inspirational messages on the individual packages.  I am so not even kidding about this.  Here are some of the nuggets of tampon wisdom:

"Live out your dreams!"
"All you can do is your best"
"Stop stressing...start focusing"
"Stay flexible"
"Give it your best shot"
"You've got the moves"
"Go for it!"
"Win or lose, play fair"

So, in a sense, they are kind of like fortune cookies.  But then I had an idea.  Here's the background for the idea...  Have you seen the Ryan Gosling, "Hey Girl" things?  Here are some examples...

I couldn't locate one of my favorites, which was "Hey girl.  I'm really sorry only 12 people entered your blog giveaway".  Ha! 

Anyway, back to my idea.  These tampon companies should follow this line of thinking and instead of telling me to "follow my dreams" and "play fair", they should have cute boys & "hey girl's" on the packages...

Some that came to me off the top of my head...

"Hey girl, let me get you some ibuprofen"
"Hey girl.  Bloated?  No, you definitely never looked more beautiful"
"Hey girl, do you want me to get you some chocolate"

Much better than the sporty inspirations, right? 


Abby said...

Hilarious! I love the idea!

Also i abhore the idiot who changes my box! Makes me so mad!!

Betsy said...

Box changes do suck for sure! I kind of like the sporty ones, but they tend to cost more around here!

Is this the "Hey girl"

Legally Lovely said...

Your idea is SO MUCH BETTER than those weird inspirational quotes. It needs to happen!

P.S. Have you seen the legal Ryan Gosling?

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