Thursday, February 2, 2012

No repeats please

Today is Groundhog Day, and I pray that it will not be like the movie and repeat itself.  Not that it was particularly bad.  Nothing horrible happened, but it was just one of those busy days where everyone seemed like they were placed on this early to annoy you.

This morning started out with the following plan:

(1) Jennifer and I had a "firm client" that was set at 8:30.  He has been a continual pain for months and we were happy to be resolving of his case.  I had spoken on the phone with him yesterday (twice) to give him directions for today.  Not to mention the fact that he has been in trouble before, so this wasn't his first rodeo. Plan was to jointly discuss everything with him and then Jennifer would handle the plea, while I went to deal with...

(2) I had a client that was set for an arraignment because we are set for a Jury Trial on Monday.  Basically, this entails the judge calling us up, asking if we are ready for trial, and then telling us what day to be back next week for our trial (or passing us to a new setting if we are not going to be reached).  I had talked with the court coordinator yesterday and learned that we were #2 on the line-up, so we would likely be going next week.

(3) Once I was done at that courthouse, I was going to go to the other courthouse to pass a case that is set on tomorrow's docket early, because Lisa and I are Canton Trade Days bound tomorrow.

Here's how it really played out...

At 8:29 a.m., I get a call from the pain in the rear client wanting to know what he was suppose to do because he was out in the hall in front of the court.  "Have a seat and have 3 seconds of patience because I'm walking down the hall as we speak!", was my response.  Not a great start.

We go over everything and I leave Jennifer with him and go to the other court for my arraignment.  Judge calls my case, but my client is not there yet.  I go call my client who says he's 30 minutes out.  At that moment I get a text from Jennifer, that the daycare called and baby Harper is sick (RSV & ear infection it turns out).  I go down, send her on her way to the doctor and handle the plea with pain in the rear client.

Then I go take care of the arraignment.  Turned out it was lucky my client was late, because by the time he showed up, the trial slots were filled for next week.  The judge asked if I wanted to be placed on "back-up" and I said, "Well judge, I've got 5 appeals due next week, so getting passed over really doesn't hurt my feelings."  To which he replied, "You've got too much to do, just get a new trial date".  And at that moment, a 300 pound gorilla was released from my back!  Hallelujah!

The rest of the day, every single annoyance that could happen did happen:

(1) From me waiting for 2 hours for a 3 minute hearing to take place this afternoon

(2) To a client who we've met with and I've spoken with on numerous times about a family law case calling back to ask if we were qualified to handle the case.  WHAT?!?!  Which resulted in me telling her that she just needed to move along to a different attorney. 

(3) To a client who cannot seem to get us some information we need to get something done for her that she needs.

Which all proceeded this text exchange between Jennifer and me this afternoon (I'm blue, she's white):

I just think that is hilarious!

The good news, I'm off tomorrow!  I'm blowing this joint and headed to Canton for a day of shopping and almost non-existent cell phone service... Bliss!

TGIF (almost!)


Legally Lovely said...

Retail therapy cures all! Hopefully you don't get a repeat of this day. blegh. I am not looking forward to the pain in the rear clients I know I'll encounter someday!

Mom said...

When things are that crazy it usually means a full moon, but it wasn't. Hope you have fun at Canton!


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