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Coffee Table Makeover

I've been in a 6 1/2 year struggle with my coffee table.  Whatever I've put on it, it's just always not looked right.  I saw an article a while back in Southern Living that addressed the coffee table styling dilemma, but then I forgot about it.  I ran across it on the glorious Pinterest and pinned it, but then I forgot about it and only recently remembered it again (seems to be a theme here).  Here's the article...

I followed this formula and voila, I finally have a coffee table that I'm happy with! Sorry, but here is photo overload, as I show you the table from every angle imaginable...

The Breakdown:
Here is my "stack of books." 
I've actually added another book (Houses of New Orleans).  It came in today, but it was overcast and the lighting was poor, so just imagine it there between Monet and Bon Jovi (odd collection, I know).  These other two books were ones I already had, and the iron balls were purchased several years ago in the garden sectio…

New Supplies

During my Friday evening "time killing to allow traffic to clear" trip to Northpark, I also popped in Williams Sonoma.  I have been wanting some new cookie sheets.  I had some super old airbake cookie sheets that had lost their non-stick qualities, which had then caused me to spray them with Pam.  Now they are gross and sticky, and probably toxic.  I had been looking at TJ Maxx, Target, etc.  I guess on Friday, I just decided to go big or go home, so I bought this two pack of baking sheets at W-S!

I went ahead and got the half sheet pans, so I could use them for cakes or cookies.  On Saturday, I decided to break them in and made The Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake...

It was so good and I love my new pans!

Spring colors

Hi.  My name is Kara, and I'm a make-up addict.  I love new make-up.  I am very brand loyal when it comes to everything except make-up.  Over the years, I've hopscotched around from make-up counter to make-up counter.

It all started in 6th grade with Clinique.  Then in high school I moved to Lancome.  It was a forced move.  Clinique didn't have make-up that was light enough for my complexion.  I wear the lightest shade that any given brand sells.  It's formulated for me and vampires.  Then I switched to MAC.  Then Laura Mercier.  Then Chanel.  Then Trish McEvoy.  Then Armani.  Then I started mixing Armani, McEvoy, Nars, &  MAC.

On Friday, I was in Neimans with my Mom.  We had gone down to Dallas to see my uncle's new house and traffic was it's typical Friday afternoon horribleness, so we went into Northpark to kill time...and it turns out spend some money.

I just popped in to buy a birthday gift.  I don't know if the sales lady sensed something in me, o…

Spring Break

This past week has been spring break.  Not really a full on spring break for me, but the college was on holiday, so I didn't have classes all week.  It was nice not having to go anywhere every night last week!  I still had law work to do, but that was pretty slow because most courts close down on spring break too. 

In addition to cleaning out my garage (finally!), I took advantage of the down time and did a little shopping.  I bought a few things to re-accessorize my living room. 

I did this bowl of succulents for the coffee table.  Probably not a true terrarium, but that's what I'm calling it...

I'd really like to get the coffee table accessorized better, but I'm at least finally on my way toward getting it done.

I also got a couple of new pillows at Pottery Barn.  I thought they would add a little color to the couch for spring and summer, plus they were on sale...

Now, I'm spending the day doing all the things I should have done little by little last week: …

The Defendant of my Dreams

I've already been pouting this week because my uncle is in DC with my cousins on spring break. Of all the weeks to be in DC!

Let's just look at the list of things that have been going on this week:

(1) A state visit and dinner with the Camerons,
(2) George Clooney on The Hill testifying,
(3) George Clooney at the State dinner,
(4) Many from the case of Downton Abbey in town for the State dinner and NOW...

(5) George is arrested for protesting outside the Sudanese embassy! The Defendant of my dreams...


I have been a very fortunate girl.  I grew up within 15 miles of all four of my grandparents.  I have had them there for so many milestones and so many years.  Sadly, on Monday, my Papa passed away.  We had the funeral yesterday and it goes without saying that he will be sorely missed. 

Out of 11 grand kids, 9 were girls.  Papa called us his "sweet patooties".  You couldn't even think about coming into the house without Papa demanding a "smack from his sweet patootie" (a kiss in case you needed the translation). Papa and Me (age 2) before church

July 2010
The funeral home had a board that we could put pictures on.  Everything from old annual photos, to wedding photos, and we even were able to display his love of going to bullriding events.
I thought this was a great photo
Meme & Papa on their wedding day~They were married for 64 years


I've been trying to keep my mind occupied this week, so for the past two days, it has been project central around here. 

Jennifer bought a formal dining set for her new house from a friend of ours.  The friend had purchased fabric to recover the chair cushions, but had never done it.  She gave Jennifer the fabric and we wasted no time getting these recovered. 
The picture is suppose to go landscape, but don't know what has happened!
I think they turned out very nice.  Lola agreed. (Ugh-again with the picture orientation!)

Also, we took on another project.  This past weekend, while over at Jennifer's new house for the inspection, we noticed that the neighbor was having an estate sale.  We went over and found a new lateral filing cabinet for $50.  Actually, it turns out that the seller's bad math, resulted in errant change counting and we got it for $40 instead!  This is what it looked like...

Not bad, but you have to know that it isn't going to stay that way aroun…

Pumped Up Kicks

I bought some new shoes today.  I know that's really not a shocker, but this next bit of information will be.  Make sure you are sitting down.  At some point this afternoon after I got home, I came to the realization that it is March 1st and these are the first pair of shoes I have purchased in 2012!  How the heck did that happen?  As if to overcompensate, I broke my shoe-fast with a completely impractical pair of kicks.

The color is what makes them impractical.  They had the same shoe in a bone shade, but I liked these best.

I have a jacket this exact color, so that's at least one thing I can wear them with.  I'm sure I will discovered many other occasions to wear them as well.

They are Calvin Klein, but I got them at TJ Maxx, so they didn't set me back too much.

Lola, my little snoop, had to give them a sniff and her vote of approval!