Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Supplies

During my Friday evening "time killing to allow traffic to clear" trip to Northpark, I also popped in Williams Sonoma.  I have been wanting some new cookie sheets.  I had some super old airbake cookie sheets that had lost their non-stick qualities, which had then caused me to spray them with Pam.  Now they are gross and sticky, and probably toxic.  I had been looking at TJ Maxx, Target, etc.  I guess on Friday, I just decided to go big or go home, so I bought this two pack of baking sheets at W-S!

I went ahead and got the half sheet pans, so I could use them for cakes or cookies.  On Saturday, I decided to break them in and made The Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake...

It was so good and I love my new pans!


Legally Lovely said...

Yum. Pioneer Woman food is always the best. I bought the ingredients for her creamy basil pasta and am looking forward to that tomorrow. If I wasn't on weight watchers, I'd be making that cake too!


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