Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I've been trying to keep my mind occupied this week, so for the past two days, it has been project central around here. 

Jennifer bought a formal dining set for her new house from a friend of ours.  The friend had purchased fabric to recover the chair cushions, but had never done it.  She gave Jennifer the fabric and we wasted no time getting these recovered. 

The picture is suppose to go landscape, but don't know what has happened!

I think they turned out very nice.  Lola agreed. (Ugh-again with the picture orientation!)

Also, we took on another project.  This past weekend, while over at Jennifer's new house for the inspection, we noticed that the neighbor was having an estate sale.  We went over and found a new lateral filing cabinet for $50.  Actually, it turns out that the seller's bad math, resulted in errant change counting and we got it for $40 instead!  This is what it looked like...

Not bad, but you have to know that it isn't going to stay that way around here.  We pulled it out of the garage yesterday (thankfully yesterday, because today is windy as all get out), and spray painted it black.  Then today, we took some Contact paper that I found at Target and covered the drawers...

I had seen on pinterest that lots of people used wallpaper or wrapping paper and Mod Podge to do similar projects, but when I found this contact paper, I thought it would be easier and cheaper.  Plus the pattern is great for the office because it matches my chair...

I think it turned out fabulous.  As Jennifer said, "It's not even ghetto fabulous, it's just fabulous!".  The shock was because, well, you never really know how a project is going to turn out. 

We decided to make over a little pink filing cabinet that we have as well.  I haven't done the middle drawer yet, but you can see how it will look.  Once the wind stops, I'll probably paint the frame out black.

There really is nothing like a project to keep you busy when you need distraction!


Abby said...

Sad you need distractions but...
1. I need new covers for my dining room chairs...please come help.
2. The filing cabinets are totally fabulous! Love love them. I even like the little one still pink!

Legally Lovely said...

Those filing cabinets look great! You must be the craftiest person on blogger! (And, they all turn out so good!)


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