Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moving and Yard Work

Aside from trying my darnedest to hack up a lung or two the past couple of weeks, I've spent quite a bit of time doing two activities:  helping move people and yard work.

Over the past month, I have helped 4 people move.  I have also tried to get my yard in order.  The two activities merged at the end of March.  My uncle moved into a brand new house.  His backyard was nicely set out in St. Augustine sod.  He was promptly going to have a pool company dig it all up, so I made a couple of trips down to Dallas and dug up 120 squares of grass and transplanted it to my yard. 

I've needed to add some grass around the edge of my yard, and wanted to do this last year, but the drought was so bad, I decided to wait.  It was a lot of work, but I'm reaping the rewards already with less muddy paw prints when it rains.

I also planted 3 knockout rose bushes in my front beds.  I'm tired of planting and re-planting every year.  They aren't in bloom right now, but I hope they do well here.  They were so pretty when they were all in bloom.  I also planted a couple of my all time favorite plants, the parilla magilla!

My back rose bushes have been in full bloom too.  Here is "The Fairy"...

I'm also growing strawberries like crazy!  This is last year's plant that didn't freeze over our non-winter...

All of my pots and planters are done as well...

Finally, this is my 2 year labor of love...

I planted two Endless Summer Blue Hydrangeas 2 years ago.  One died before the end of that summer.  One kind of hung on.  Last year, though it had mostly died back, it put on a little foliage, but no flowers.  This year, it is bursting with blooms and they have turned pink! 



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