Monday, May 7, 2012

An Exciting Weekend {Read in sarcastic tone}

So last week the bronchitis came back with a vengeance.  I should have been well.  I had taken my z-pack, used the inhaler and consumed the nasty cough syrup.  But I wasn't better.  On Wednesday afternoon, I realized I was on the downhill slide again, so I called up the doctor and got another round of medicine.

For whatever reason, this new medicine made me feel bad (or else I had a touch of the stomach bug too, which is entirely possible as well).  Anyway, I had a pretty low key weekend.

My cousin Gracie was in a musical called "Into the Woods".  She had a big role...Cinderella, so I had to go see her.  I went on Friday night.  She was so great!  They said no pics, but I caught a couple at the end...

Dark + Action = Blurry!

This was the 2nd of their 5 shows this weekend!

Here she is after arriving back at home (complete with some Cinderella make-up smudges on her face)...

My other cousin Maddie went to see it too. She brought a friend.  Please explain to me how it is that parents don't drown girls between the ages of 10-18?  I cannot tell you how many times my uncle and I said, "Inside voices!", "Girls!  Calm down!".  Once we dropped her friend off, things got a bit calmer, and we went for ice cream...

Then my weekend got real exciting.  I slept, watched DVR'd television, napped, coughed, took medicine, patted Lola, and read.  What did I read?  Something light and fluffy to get me through my illness?

Yep,  i read about the hunt for, and killing of, Osama bin Laden.  In my defense, it's a great book!  It was hard to put down. 

Luckily, I'm on the road to recovery and I think I'm finally getting better.  After 3 weeks of bronchitis, Lord I hope I'm getting better!


Kelsey Claire said...

I'm glad you are finally feeling better. It sounded like you needed a weekend of doing nothing super exciting! Hope you keep getting better.

Abby said...

The play looks so good and Cinderella looks beautiful!! Hope your feeling much better!! That z pack makes my stomach super sick!


Emily said...

Oh man I hope you are feeling better..I hate being sick. Looks like fun at the play. Oh and I agree with your tweenie comment...I will be sad when Emery gets to that age!

Hope your week is better than your weekend if that is possible.

Samantha said...

I'm reallllllllly interested in reading that book.


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