Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School {Again}

After having the second summer semester off from teaching, today is the day that I have to get back to the grind of being a professor.  I have three classes this semester at two different campuses.  All three of my classes are the exact same class, so I'll be repeating myself a lot.  That is good and bad.  I only have to prep for one class and then do it three times, but I also finding myself saying "Have we already talked about Citizens United?"  or "Have we discussed the Articles of Confederation?" often.

This semester is really going to be different than all others because in addition to a night class two nights a week, and a morning (7 AM!!!!) class two mornings a week, I'm teaching what is officially called a "Weekend Express" class.  I've dubbed it my "suicide weekends".  Three weekends this semester I will teach a class that meets on Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon.  It's good because it's over in 3 weeks and saves me from teaching more nights per week for the whole semester.  I think the bad is obvious. 

I hope everyone who is in school, or has a kid in school, is having a great start to the school year.  I have to leave you with my favorite school picture of all time...

If you haven't seen me post this before, this is Tommy, my friend Lisa's son. 
This was his Kindergarten photo. 
He wasn't a fan of school. 
{maybe I should say isn't a fan, I'm not sure his opinion of school has improved}
He just started middle school today.
{where the heck has time gone?}


Rebeka said...

That school picture made me laugh so hard!

My last semester of law school I did an intensive (not as intensive as yours) weekend class. It was SUCH a bummer, but it was so nice to have it over about a month into the semester. Good luck!

Legally Lovely said...

hahaha. That picture is so funny. Have fun teaching - can't believe they make you teach a class at 7am. Who can learn that early!?!?! I struggle with my 9ams. (The real world is going to be a shock for me, I know it).

Abby said...

Middle school--really! Oh dear lord!

I think your weekend warrior class sounds hellacious. But then I took two semesters worth of Spanish in one month. Probably explains my fluency in Spanish.

Ann said...

Good luck with your classes! I don't know how you will work all week and then have a few VERY long weekends!! Godspeed!

Love the picture. Hilarious!!


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