Friday, August 10, 2012

Meryl & Me

You know how Us Weekly does Stars, They're Just Like Us! pages where they show celebrities shopping for groceries, getting a pedi, etc.?  Well today is my own version of that!

The lovely and super talented Meryl Streep is on a press tour about her new movie Hope Spring, and she is sporting a bandage on her left hand...

See that is Meryl, this was me...

While Meryl could have gone for a sassier color of bandage, they look pretty similar.  In fact, it seems Meryl hadn't heard my PSA about NEVER EVER EVER using a knife to remove a pit from an avocado, and while doing just that, severed the nerves in her hand.  She has already had the surgery to re-attach the nerves.  I haven't heard her mention any tendon damage, and since her bandage doesn't look like this...

I assume, she only managed to get the nerves, and not both tendons like I managed to do.

Remember, don't use a knife to remove the pit no matter how many cooking shows you see it on.  I know you think that you'll be careful and it won't happen to you, but according to what my hand surgeon told me, avocados are a major source of business for him.  If it can happen to Meryl and Me, it can happen to you!

Happy Weekend!


Legally Lovely said...

Holy moly. I always use a knife to get the pit out, but do it super gently because I'm always afraid I'm going to slice myself. NEVER AGAIN. Way to go on your PSA moment - you've changed one reader!

Although, I'd love to have something in common with queen Meryl... ha!


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