Thursday, August 30, 2012


I love music.  I love finding new songs or new artists (not necessarily new, but new to me).  I find that I go through spells where I listen to the same 5 to 10 songs every single time I get in the car.  Right now, this is my "play list"...

Of course, Ryan's new single is played often!
He just released this a couple of weeks ago and then was on The Tonight Show.
He's getting Big Time folks!
I'm also so excited because Perez Hilton told his readers to check out Stay Awhile .
On a side note, I've turned my hair lady on to Ryan, so now I get to hear his music playing in her salon while getting my hair done.
I'm sort of addicted to listening to Free by Graffiti6.
It's such a fun song.  In fact, when I was getting my hair done on Tuesday, my hair lady had this on her play list also.  We cranked the volume and were having a totally good time!
I'm loving Run by Matt Nathanson (featuring Sugarland).
Another song I've been listening to a lot this summer is We are Young by Fun.
It's not unusual for me to have at least one Foo Fighters song in my playlist at any given time, but right now I'm listening to Miracle.  It's not new.  It's not even new to me.  I'm just playing it a lot.
I've got a couple of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals playing in my list.
An older song called Colors
and a newer one called Nothing But the Water (II), not to be confused with Nothing But the Water (I)
I is a totally different song from II.  I has been playing on an ABC new television show preview and is very haunting and soulful.  II definitely has soul, but is a much faster tempo, and makes me wish I was hearing them play it at a music club in NOLA!
Are y'all music people?  Some people listen to music when they are in their car, but don't really buy any or play music in their home.  Does that describe you, or are constantly loading up your ipod?

What are you listening to?  I'm always looking for something new!


JEF said...

SG and C know almost every word to We Are Young. Yes, the almost 2 year old sings that song. They also love their other one Some Nights :) We are always updating our music as well...the kids love it !!!


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