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I've never ran a marathon, and if you are a betting person, the safe money is on I never will.  But I feel as though I have just completed my own personal marathon...a teaching marathon, and I have lived to tell the tale!

I have been teaching a weekend express class.  It meets for 17 hours per weekend for 3 weekends for a grand total of 51 hours of teaching!  That is of course in addition to my two mornings of teaching 7 a.m. classes and 2 nights of 7 p.m. classes.  Oh yeah, and doing all of my law work in between! 

It's been a long haul.  I have taught from 5:30-9:30 on Friday nights, from 8-4 on Saturdays, and from 12-5 on Sundays.  That Friday night to Saturday morning turn around was tough!  To make things even worse, on the second & third weekends, I got to spend my Saturday night and Sunday mornings grading research papers so that I could return them on Sunday afternoon. 

I am just so happy that I have lived through it!  It's a huge weight off of my shoulders, …

For the Love of TV

I love tv. I think I've always loved tv. I don't remember a time when I didn't.

For my 5th birthday, my great grandfather brought me a Zenith 19 inch color television for my room. It had a huge remote control because among it's features, it included a speaker phone, and you could dial up the phone numbers from the remote.  I kept that televisions and watched it religiously until it went out when I was 17.

This is me on my 5th birthday. Don't I look like a kid in need of my own tv?  I was a bit spoiled. It was 1981 and a Barbie party, 'nuff said. This past weekend was my weekend off between my two weeks of teaching 17 hour weekends and next week's final teaching weekend.  I basically dedicated my entire weekend to television.

Friday night, I caught up on all the shows I have missed over the last couple of weeks.

Yesterday, my friend Billy came over for a Newsroom marathon. Today, on top of some great television that's on tonight, the Emmys are on. It…

Our week...

I've posted about all "our" injuries and illness, but here is our past week in a couple of photos...

Lola's week beginning top left to right; then bottom left to right: {1} The Shiner {2} Driving to the Vet for ear infection {3} Monday night after we got home from the vet.  Lola felt terrible. She cried and cried.  It was terrible!! {4} Last night, she turned a corner.  She played and chewed on her bone.  Hopefully she is healing! {1} I saw this cute turkey at Hobby Lobby.  I might need him. I'm a sucker for turkeys in pilgrim garb. {2} Whole Foods has a bounty of pumpkins and gourds.  Love Fall! {3}Tuesday was National Cheeseburger Day.  I celebrated with some In-and-Out. {4} I felt that I needed therapy of some sort after the week I had experienced. I chose retail therapy and bought the sunnies I've been wanting all summer long!

Poor Lola

Poor Lola.  I got home from my 8 hour class on Saturday and noticed that Lola seemed to have an ear infection.  First the eye, now the ear!

I had to teach for another 5 hours on Sunday, but once I was done, we headed out of town.  It was time to go see our real vet, you know the one that is a 300 mile round trip!  We made a pit stop in Nocona for the night, so that we could get up early and head to Wichita Falls. 

Lola's the best little traveler.  She just sits and gazes out the window. Anyway, wouldn't you know it...Lola has like the worst ear infection in the history of the planet.  One that is multiple strains of bacteria that are likely highly resistant to drugs.  That is coupled with the problem that she has a limitation on what kind of medicine she can take due to her bad pancreas, has the vet quite concerned (me too as you can imagine).  We have a heavy duty antibiotic to take for 21 days and I have to give her an ear wash twice a day.  In three weeks we have to go bac…

A Shiner

Hey! What does the other guy look like? (please disregard the bra, shoe and pair of shorts Lola is sitting on.  my life is pure chaos right now and unfortunately, the cracks have to show themselves somewhere!) Well, the "other guy" doesn't look as bad as poor Lola since the "other guy" was a iron chaise lounge chair!  On Wednesday night, Lola and I had been reading in my bed.  Well, I was reading.  Lola was snoozing.  I was ready to go to sleep because I have to get up at 5:45 on Thursday mornings to make my early morning class.  I took her outside, and she took off after a varmint.  She loves to hunt.  Squirrels by day.  Rats by night.  Rats run along the back fence at night and she loves to chase them.  She rarely catches them, but it's been known to happen.  Because she has caught one, the chase isn't about  to stop. Anyway, I see her run into the dark corner of the yard at warp Lola speed, when all of the sudden I see her jump (or bounce as it tu…

Photo Book

I just built a photo book on Shutterfly. This one is for my Road Trip that I took to Louisiana and Mississippi in May. Y'all Shutterfly has got some serious cute book templates these days. I haven't made a book in over a year, so I was shocked by all the new offerings. I used one called "The South". It had cute embellishments for my trip, but it is really made for a trip to Georgia and South Carlonia. It's so cute it almost made me redo my Shutterfly book from my trip to Savannah and Charleston!

Click here to view this photo book larger
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I'm a bit weary on this Monday morning.  I have nothing fun to report from the weekend.  It was the first weekend of my weekend express class.  That means between Friday at 5:30 to Sunday at 4:50, I taught for 17 hours.  17 hours!  One down, two more weekends to go.  That doesn't feel as good as you think it would to type.  Maybe after next weekend when I have only one more to go, I'll feel a little thrill.


Do y'all know about Matchbook Magazine?  I love Matchbook!  I've only known about them for a few months.  They are an online (FREE) magazine.  You can read them online, or on your ipad.

Here's Matchbook's description of themselves...

Here's Matchbook's description of the Matchbook Girl...

A new edition is released on the first Monday of every month.  I love to share when I find something great, so if you love magazines, I think it might worth your time to check it out!

What's it worth?

I've heard on the news today that a study found that the Tooth Fairy is doling out more money this year than she did in 2011.  I guess that average price per tooth is $3.   Apparently at $3 per tooth, that's up 17% from the 2011 going rate.  The study concluded that some kids receive less than $3, with 3% getting $1.  Some kids are getting up to $20 per tooth.

I honestly don't recall what the tooth fairy gave back in the day when I was losing teeth.  I remember getting money most of the time, but I recall a cabbage patch kids necklace once.  I also remember once that I was in Houston with my mom and great grandparents visiting my uncle.  I swallowed my tooth while eating an apple and I wrote out an explanation to the Tooth Fairy and made everyone witness it.  I don't remember what I go then either, I just recall the affidavit working, and I got something.

My favorite tooth fairy story ever comes from my little cousin Gracie.  She is almost 13, so this happened several …