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Halloween Decorations 2012

I've got this place decked out for Halloween as usual.  Here are my 2012 Halloween Decorations...

The Halloween Tree Day Night The breakfast room table (please ignore evidence of an incredibly spoiled dog in the corner) The mantle

Some random things sitting around the house... Coffee Table End Tables The umbrella stand Coat closet Outside decorations

take me out to the ballgame...

Jennifer's son, Joshua, has been playing t-ball this fall.  I have missed every game (mostly due to my crazy weekend class).  Saturday was his last game, and I finally got to see him in action.  It was about 37 degrees when we started, but this didn't keep even the littlest of fans away.

Miss Harper was bundled up for the game
Joshua was pretty put out earlier in the season that they made him hit off a T... They have finally started giving the kids a few chances to hit a pitch... A little field work... Thankfully They only do 4 innings.  This was his second at bat... He was the last batter in the line-up, which means he got to hit Grand Slams each time. Running the bases... Rounding around third... Headed for home...

What's cuter than a 4 year old doing a completely unnecessary slide into home plate? Nothing!  

Chihuly at the Arboretum

As I mentioned in my previous post, the artist, Chihuly, has an exhibit of his art at the Dallas Arboretum.  It's been there since May, but since it's too hot to go at any point in the Summer (in my opinion), I planned to go during the Fall.  It was suppose to close on November 5th, but it has been wildly popular so they have decided to leave it through the end of the year.

I thought it would be neat.  I underestimated exactly how awesome it would be.  Here is Chihuly photo overload...