Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fair Day 2012

I like to go to the fair every year, and yesterday was fair day 2012.  Top two things always on my "to do" list at the Fair are (1) eat yummy food and (2) go to the petting zoo.

I went to the fair with my friend Billy and some people from a firm that he shares an office with.  We also were able to meet up with Billy's sister and his nephew who were there on a school field trip.  I didn't take my real camera, so I've only got iphone pics to share.

I held off telling him about my required visit to the petting zoo until our drive over.  I just like to limit the complaining and mocking.  Despite thinking I was a lunatic, most everyone ended up loving the petting zoo.  In fact, we made two trips to see the cute animals (and I may have had to talk someone out of a 3rd trip). 

I love the goats.  Specifically the baby goats...
that little black and white guy on top of that stump was a mess!  he jumped around and slid across the stumps.  a total ham!  do you see the little dude in the red tire?  he had been peacefully sleeping, but got woken up by the hoopla.

But I like the older goats too...

I wasn't the only one making friends...

The petting zoo is awesome.  There are kangaroos, a giraffe, baby zebras, sicilian donkeys, baby bison, lambs... You name it and they've got it!  

Now, let's talk food.  My must have list every year includes a Fletcher's Corny Dog, Jack's Frys, and Roasted Corn sprinkled with Lawry's Season Salt and Cayenne Pepper.  I got all those things.  Billy tried LOTS of stuff and so I tried a bite of lots of things too.  Those things include:

Chicken Fried Bacon ~ I did not try
Fried Frito Pie ~ I did not try
Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly and Banana Sandwiches
Fried Jambalaya ~ I did not try
Fried Moon Pie (x2)
Cotton Candy
Fried Oreos

Here's some pics...

This is the fried PB&J with Bananas.
It was pretty darn good.
This was the fried moon pie.
It is going on my list as a must have for future years.

I could tell you that it tasted heavenly, but here's a pic of Billy taking a bite.
I think that says it all...


Legally Lovely said...

I can't believe I'm so late to this post - cute animals and fried food are two of my favorite things! Love those little goats. I missed our hometown fair this year, so I lost out on my opportunity to eat all the deep-fried goodies. I'll just have to eat double next year!


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