Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FGM 3.0

I got her yesterday!  Who?  My Fairy Godmother 3.0 (aka: iphone 5)!

I have been patiently  anxiously awaiting her arrival.  I have never been an "S" upgrade gal.  I got my first Fairy Godmother years ago.  She was an iphone 3G.  When 3GS game out, I didn't upgrade.  I waited for the iphone 4 to come out.  When iphone 4 came out, it became my Fairy Godmother 2.0.  As you can guess, I didn't upgrade to the 4S last year, but instead decided to wait on the 5.  It has been quite the wait... my battery was getting bad and my otterbox had seen better days, but wait I did.

I placed my order the day they went on sale, but thanks to AT & T's incompetence (long, long, long story), I ended up getting bumped off of the list of those getting their phones on the release date.  I finally got my new phone yesterday!

If you are wondering about the difference, here are some pics:

The 5 is a bit longer, but I can't believe how much lighter it feels.

The 5 is a bit thinner too
another size comparison
Here they are side by side...
FGM 2.0, you have been a good and faithful friend.  You will be missed, but I have wiped you clean, removed my SIM, boxed you up and am ready to ship you off to what I hope will be a happy home.

I am handling FGM 3.0 with extreme care because my new otterbox isn't due for delivery until Thursday.  I probably should have waited to convert over to the new phone, but let's be honest, patience is not a virtue I possess! 



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