Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't lose interest

It happens.  A storm blows in and destroys people's way of life.  We see the terrible photos.  We feel horrible for them.  Then the media moves on, especially when there is a Presidential Election to cover.  Those of us who were not impacted by the storm tend to also move on.  But those poor people, fellow Americans, living in areas of New York and New Jersey have not been able to move on.  They are stuck with their circumstances, and on top of that, their circumstances just got worse when a Nor'easter hit yesterday.

There are plenty of places you can donate.  I donated to the American Red Cross.  You can do it through texts.  Text "Donate" to 90999.  I did it through itunes even.

I ran across another relief effort that I supported, and I wanted to post that information too.  A wedding registry has been set up on Amazon.  The supplies go to The Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Brooklyn, NY. 

I heard about this registry on Twitter, via Anson Mount, the hunky, talented actor who stars in AMC's "Hell on Wheels".  Anson actually put boots on the ground last weekend and helped out in Staten Island and the Rockaways (thus proving there is more to him than his looks and acting ability).  He has posted about his work and what he saw out there on the streets.  He also posted this link that quickly enables you to purchase items via Amazon.  When I went on several days ago, hardly any items had been purchased.  I bought some mops, some flashlights, and some good old Clorox cleaner.  I have prime shipping with Amazon, so those supplies should have been delivered today.  I'm happy to report that I just checked back, and it looks like they've received lots of love over the past couple of days, but I'm sure they could use more.

I got busy like everyone does.  I had to watch the election coverage and teach about it in class.  I had my law practice to tend to.  But I wanted to post about this.  I think it's a great way to help out, plus you get to shop!  You KNOW I love to shop!



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