Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Decorations {Outside}

My outside decorations are certainly nothing to brag about.  I think the key to having really great outside decorations (at least for me) is getting them done in the first half of November.  That way, you get it all done while you are still excited about decorations and before you start the inside of your house.  If I wait until I've done the 3 trees inside, plus everything else, then I'm just about spent by the time I get to the outside.

I had big plans to do light in the shrubs, but after I plugged in the 5th strand of lights that either didn't work at all, or only half worked, I said to heck with it and scrapped that idea!

Here is what I ended up with...

I only did lights around the flower bed

The garland around the door with lights (and Santa)
and of course, my vintage-y Frosty that I got this year


Miss Southern Prep said...

I love the garland around your door!


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