Monday, December 10, 2012

Merry Christmas to Me {2012 version}

On Black Friday, I made one purchase I haven't written about...  I bought a new camera.  Merry Christmas to Me!!!

I've been wanting to upgrade for a while, it was a good price, so I took the plunge and ordered it online.  Then it got back-ordered.  wah-wah-waaahhhhh  (patience is not a virtue I possess)

On black friday, I also ordered a book from Amazon about how to use my camera, and of course it arrived a couple of days later, so I had a couple of weeks to read up on how to use my new camera before it arrived. 

I sold my old camera to a friend.  I packed it up to mail to her before my new camera had arrived.  I have to admit I was VERY sad about sending my old camera off (albeit to a good home).  I think part of my sadness was due to the fact that I had been reading about my new camera's extremely complicated new features.  I was second guessing myself, wondering what had I done.  I mean, I loved my old camera.  It took great pics.  It's been on several adventures and journeys with me.  Why did I think I needed a new one?  I even took pics of my old one as I boxed her up...

Luckily, that second guessing dissipated almost immediately upon the arrival of my new camera. 

Here she is...

I've tinkered with it some.  I've taken photos of my decorations, which I will share soon.  I'm excited because next Monday, I'm going back to the arboretum to see the Chihuly exhibit at night.  That will be my first exciting shoot.  Here is a photo shoot I did with Lola in front of the tree on Friday night.

After 30 seconds of posing, she got SO tired she collapsed!
Didn't stop me though!


Emily said...

I'm the biggest fan of buying yourself presents, and I love the camera you got yourself! Especially after seeing how amazing your pictures of the tree turned out... WOW! Happy Monday Kara! oxo

Samantha said...

I am digging this Christmas gift. I need to make the purchase, but just haven't done it yet.

courtney said...

good for you!! i'm a weeeee bit jealous! i've been dying to upgrade my camera for a while now!

Ann said...

Yay for you! Your pictures of Lola in front of the Christmas tree are great!! I love my camera, but I still haven't figured out how to get the good shots. I need some free time to figure it out!

JEF said...

Annnd I'm officially jealous.


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