Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Cleaning

Winter Cleaning... It's like spring cleaning, but in winter, and is when the mood most often strikes me.  Last weekend a big winter cleaning wasn't on the agenda, but one thing led to another and I ended up cleaning out and re-organizing the bottom of my pantry.  It was a colossal mess, and turns out it housed enough inventory to open a party goods store!

Think I'm kidding?  Let me show you...





Valentine's Day




Animal Prints

Hawaiian Luau

Baby Shower


Even more random



This totally doesn't count a couple of things of plastic utensils, plates, cute cups, bowls, etc. that were also stashed down there.  

It isn't a total shock.  I made note a year ago (after buying a couple packages post-Christmas) and have made a considerable effort to not buy anymore.  In fact, I can tell you exactly what I have bought over the past 12 months.  I got some new Thanksgiving napkins post-Thanksgiving because I thought I needed some (obviously not).  I also bought those cute green & pink ones in the summer category (top right of that pic) in Mississippi in May (after telling Lisa I shouldn't because I had grounded myself from buying anymore).  

In my defense, I do use them some.  I have those coasters where you can change out the napkins.  I like being able to change with the seasons or holidays.  But, it was a complete organizational nightmare.  I had no idea what I had and couldn't find anything when I needed it.  

I decided to organize with file folders, and hopefully this will keep me organized and from buying ones I don't need.

Please pay no attention to the shelf above this bottom.  I did not take my Winter cleaning that far!

I honestly think I need to go to a paper-goods anonymous meeting or something.  I texted Jennifer and said,  "Do not let me buy any more napkins.  Use physical force if necessary."

That was Sunday.  On Monday I found the cutest Christmas napkins in pink & gold and they were only 50 cents!  I was totally about to buy them.  Jennifer texted me "What is wrong with you?!".  I felt the shame and put them back.  You got to give it to me... I'm paper goods ready for any party at a drop of the hat!


Ann said...

You have more paper goods than anyone I know. But, they are all cute! You have good taste!!

Abby said...

Ok, you know I share your obsession. We have gone to using ours for dinner and Emery's lunch.

I am contemplating cleaning the wrapping closet. I think I have more wrapping paper than napkins. Ekks!


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