Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mardi Gras

I went to Mardi Gras this weekend!
 No, I didn't get to go to New Orleans, but I ventured home to Nocona for their Mardi Gras celebration.  The town was all decked out and really in the spirit.
I took Lisa with me...
 This past year, the football team was very good, so they got to lead off the parade.
 This was one of my favorites...
Double decker and they were playing music
(we decided that all floats needed to be playing music.  that greatly made them more enjoyable)
 I also really enjoyed the alligators with the bead baskets 

Another double decker...

 This one with an oil theme
 The actual theme of the parade this year was suppose to be
celebrating the town's Native American heritage

 We saw all these little cars lined up before the parade...
 I loved this little one in her pink fur and pink car.
 The slug bug, mud bug...
Though I don't watch the show, I got the feeling this had something to do with "Duck Dynasty"
 Our friends, the Henleys had their Fire Krewe out for the parade
 They had confetti cannons, which I also greatly enjoyed.
Love that Steve and Trish had giant beads!
It's all about the beads!!!
I don't remember what I did for my 10th Birthday, but I know that I didn't get to have a Mardi Gras float to celebrate!
 An Indian riding a bucking Armadillo...
because what parade would be complete without that?
 Our church even participated!
(and the only church in the parade at that)
 There were several horses, but I thought this was the best dressed.
There was tons of good food.  For lunch on Saturday, we went over to Oklahoma to the Peach Orchard (my favorite hole-in-the-wall joint). 
My Mom had made us these cupcakes...
They had a cajun dinner at the Fire Hall, but Lisa and I decided to drive over to Boyd (about an hour away) and go to a wonderful restaurant called Gogo Gumbo.  It was so good!  (Mom and Dad had to go to a wedding a couple of towns over).
 Then this morning, Dad made us breakfast tacos. 
Here's a photo of the breakfast taco cooking in progress...
It was a pretty good Mardi Gras weekend! 


Ann said...

That all looks like so much fun. That parade amazes me. Looks better than all of the Lubbock parades I've ever been to! What fun!


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