Friday, February 8, 2013

On the Insta'

Are you on Instagram?  I am, but I have to be honest.  I've been on for a while, but I kinda only thought it was a fun way to filter photos.  I didn't even realize it was a form of social media until recently.  Now that I have figured it out, and know people on it (as well as some celebs that I follow), I love it! 

Here's what I've been posting on the Insta':

Sunday we watched some of the Super Bowl with breaks for Downton Abbey
and, of course,
The Puppy Bowl
(that is what Lola is watching in this pic)
Have you checked out May Designs?
They offer monogrammed notecards & also these may books.
The note books are so cute.
You can select what pattern you want,
what monogram or name (including design & color) you want,
and what kind of inside you want your book to have.
Mine is just the normal lined paper, but they offer all sorts of options.
I think the ones for wedding planning, meal planning, weight loss, and pregnancies are super cute too!
I have seen some people get these for each of their kids and write down funny things the kid says.
Love that idea!
I'm haven't decided what to use mine for, but it was pink and monogrammed and I couldn't resist!
(p.s. This isn't a paid advertisement, I just really love my may book!)
Lola had a grooming appointment this week.
She was so fuzzy wuzzy, it was NEEDED!
Turned into a two day fiasco though.
Here we were on day one of our fiasco
(this was about 25 minutes AFTER the groomer was suppose to be there)
yes, I ended up in the back seat with her for the wait
The second day of our attempt was pretty much a fiasco too,
but luckily, we ended up getting her groomed!
Today, after court and other work was mostly completed, I had to go to the grocery store.
I had no food.  I was out of drugs.  A bad combination!
I went to Trader Joe's first.
I love Trader Joe's.
I got these gorgeous Mandarin Oranges that still had stems & leaves!
I also couldn't pass up these beauties.
I love ranuculus!
They are my favorite flower (followed closely by hydrangeas).
I actually have them in my kitchen window, but I took them outside for the pic.
So, if you are on the Insta' look me up:  Legallyblondekf
Then I can follow you back!
Happy Weekend!


Emily said...

I love all these pictures. Especially Miss Lola watching the puppy bowl : love Trader Joes...almost too much! Have a great weekend Kara.


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