Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pre-Spring Cleaning

When I was little, my uncle Mark lived in Houston.  Every summer I went to visit him with my family.  The crew always consisted of me, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, and my great-grandfather.  Sometimes my mom made the trip too.  We always piled into my great-grandfather's most recent version of the Ford Crown Victoria and  headed south.

I remember that I would get to do really fun things like go to the beach in Galveston (without sunscreen), and go to restaurants where I could order Shirley Temples.  I know those don't seem like big exciting things now, but you couldn't do either one in Nocona, Texas, so I was in high cotton.

Another thing I remember about these trips was that my grandmother and great-grandmother ALWAYS cleaned out my uncle's refrigerator.  I guess because he was a boy, and a bachelor at the time, and we all know that boys are just gross.  But your refrigerator gets gross if you are a girl too, which brings me to the point of this post...

I have been waiting 7 years and 5 months for some family member to show up and clean out my refrigerator and it hasn't happened yet.  So I've been cleaning it out over the last few days all by myself. 

It started out on Sunday.  I decided I had no idea what kind of food I had in my freezer, so I took it all out and organized.  Turns out, I had a bunch of stuff that was severely out of date (2010!), so I threw away a bunch of stuff and reorganized.

Then today, I decided to tackle the refrigerator side.  Who knows why, probably because I had a gazillion other things to do and I'm a procrastinator of epic proportions.
I actually didn't intend to do the whole thing.  I was putting away some fruit I bought and was totally grossed out by my veggie/fruit drawer. 
I got it all cleaned out and as Yolanda like as I could (real housewives reference for those of you thinking "who the heck is Yolanda?").

Then I decided to do the meat and cheese drawer too
At that point, I just new that I had to be all in and I clean off all of the shelves too.  I mean they were filthy and turns out they still had tape and stuff on them from when the thing was delivered back in 2005. 
I think I was gone when it was delivered and my helpers just put stuff in thinking that I would surely get around to cleaning it out before 2013!
But  I got it all cleaned out.  Turns out there was a full trash bag of expired food in there too!
The end result...
Now I need to seriously go grocery shop & replace all the stuff I threw out!
P.S.  I have to confess that even though I used the proper term of refrigerator here in this post, I really call it an ice box, like I'm living in the 19th century or something.



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