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Rude Awakening

I didn't exactly plan to get up at 4:30 a.m. today, but when my burglar alarm sounded, I was rudely and unpleasantly awakened.  The alarm system indicated a window breach, but I was never able to locate it.  Of course, I was convinced I was done for, but luckily, I think it was just a sensor gone bad.
Lola doesn't usually sleep with me, but early this morning, she was my protector.  She came to bed with me (not like I actually slept much after that).  Normally when we lay in bed, she hangs out at the end of the bed, but not this morning.  This morning she was glued to my side.  She's such a good girl!
This was my little guard dog this morning.
I have had a busy day.  I haven't had a chance to nap, but I think that's good.  I probably need to be good and sleepy tonight so I don't fret about the burglar who was thwarted last night and is coming back to get me alarm malfunctioning again.  I reduced my stress with a little retail therapy this afternoon.
Last year I wanted some crocheted Tom's but they sold out quickly.  I saw that this year they came in Navy, but my size was already gone several places, so when I located them at Nordstrom, I headed over and nabbed them.
I've been having holy heck with my hair.  Stupid Redken changed my shampoo and conditioner and the new stuff is complete junk.  My hair has been terrible!  So today, I grabbed this Fekkai and hope that it is the answer to my prayers!
I also grabbed another pack of Emi Jay holders.  I love mine, but tend to misplace them (and they do seem to stretch out after lots of wear).  They had these new neutrals, which will be great for blonde hair.
My spending stopped there, but I had to kill 15 minutes because Nordstrom's registers stopped working (seriously), so I wondered through the mall for a little window shopping.  I received a new Pottery Barn catalog yesterday and a couple of things caught my eye.  I wanted to check them out in person.
This bedding is called Jocelyn Floral and I thought it was so lovely.
Turns out, it's even better in person!
I also eyed these etched glass plates in the catalog.  They were great in person too.  You get a 4 pack (one of each color).
I also wondered down to Bath & Body Works.  I get so overwhelmed by their newfangled scents.  What happened to Raspberry, Vanilla, Apple, etc.  What the heck does Paris smell like?  Or Tahiti?  Or Pink Chiffon?  Seriously, get back to basics B&B Works!  But look at these flashy new plug-ins!  Kind of fab!  They have some other colors and  flowers online too.
 So those were my Friday finds.  I hope you have a great weekend!  I hoping for a nice, peaceful, and drama free weekend (I didn't even tell you that yesterday there was a bomb threat at school AND I missed a major accident by 4 inches!), and I can't wait until Sunday for the Oscars!


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