Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Treats

I decided to do little gift packs of S'mores for my friends this year.
I thought they turned out pretty cute
  They were yummy too!
(What?  I couldn't send them out without having a quality control taste test!)
The biggest problem was that I didn't contemplate that so many friends live out of town!
Not exactly easy mailing like a card, so I didn't get to give as many as I had planned in my mind.
Lola got a squeaky pig for her Valentine's Day present.
She always gets something super small for V-day because her birthday is in a couple of days.
She also got a new bone and another toy from my parents this past weekend.
Spoiled Puppy!
Hope y'all got some sweet treats for Valentine's Day!


Legally Lovely said...

Those are SO cute! I can't believe you made those! I wish I was on your mailing list -- s'mores are one of my absolute favorite things. I always try to limit myself in the summer, but I always end up with s'mores stomachaches. oh well. Happy (late) Valentine's!

Ann said...

So very cute!! I may steal that idea for next year!!


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