Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Last week was Spring Break from school, which really isn't nearly as fun when teaching is just a side gig and you have another full time job to do.  But this past weekend, I took a little trip out west to see friends and have a little fun.

On Saturday morning, I flew to Midland.  This is Lola and me waiting for my mom for a puppy hand-off...

If you don't notice it, let me point out to you, that apparently I look very terroristic in the above pic.  I got sent through the body scanner at the airport and then patted down.  Sheesh!  I guess there are lots of blonde terrorists carrying Vera Bradley & Louis Vuitton, and wearing crocheted Tom's these days!
I got to Midland and my friend Suz and I shopped around a little bit, but we spent the better part of 5 hours planning where we are staying during an upcoming June vacation.
Sunday morning we got up and drove 2 hours to Lubbock.  We got to hit up some of our favorite spots, the first of which was Spanky's for burgers and fried cheese...
For dinner, we raced a incoming storm, to get to One Guy for his heavenly calzones...
By the time we got there, it was full blown dust storm, but we ducked our heads and ran.  It was a great dose of West Texas... sand in your eyes, sand stuck to your lipgloss, sand between your teeth.  But the calzones were worth every bit of it!
Then we were off.  Off to see the men we had traveled to see... Bon Jovi!
They are coming to Dallas in April, but it's a Thursday night and I have no local friends who are inclined to go with me.  When I saw they were playing Lubbock on St. Patrick's Day, I knew that I needed to travel to my friend who would be happy to go with me.
Funny story:  When we bought tickets, we ended up with behind the stage tickets.  Partly because we waited too long to buy, and partly because we had no desire to pay the super high prices of the "good tickets".  So we reasoned, that being stuck with a rear view of Jon Bon Jovi wasn't the worst thing in the world.  Then later, we noticed that they had changed their website to say, "partial obstruction".
So, Sunday rolls around, and close to the concert time, we hear they are selling single tickets here and there for $50 each.  Then we notice an entire row on the floor has opened for some reason.  We buy a second set of tickets, and then went to the ticket counter where we convinced the people to refund us for 2 tickets, so we got a total upgrade for FREE!
This was a pic from our new and improved seats.  See section 108 over on the left side of the pic behind the stage (below 208)?  That's where we were suppose to be...
We were so dang happy with our good fortune!
I really wanted to smuggle in my real camera, but due to the dust storm, I decided to not try.  I didn't want to have to turn around and go back to the car.  So all I had was iphone and my crappy point and click (just on a side note:  if you do not have a DSLR, how do you live?  seriously?  i wanted to throw my dang point and click as far as i could several times.  grrrr!)
Here is some iphone video of the very beginning of the concert...

These guys are just so great in concert.  This is my 4th Bon Jovi concert.
I have loved Bon Jovi since 1986 when "Slippery When Wet" came out.  I was 10.
I remember being so excited when they released their "New Jersey" album in 1988.
Something tells me that today's 10 year olds won't be going to watch One Direction play 27 years from now.  Just a hunch.
At one point, Jon came out from the main stage and was even closer to us!
Are you freaking kidding me?  I mean, this was awesome!  Probably even more awesome because we had been anticipating crappy seats for the past couple of months.
 Here's the iphone video of one of the songs when he came up close...

 All through the concert, they would let us walk up pretty close to the stage and take pics, which was awesome.  
Another iphone video from the encore.  You can't have a Bon Jovi concert without "Livin' on a Prayer"...

After the concert, we took a little walk down memory lane (mostly because we were parked in memory lane's parking lot!)
It was so much fun.  We made the very scenic drive back to Midland on Monday
 and I flew back to reality.
Bon Jovi fan 4 ever!


Abby said...

I am totally jealous of this post! Mostly because I can only imagine how much fun y'all had. Can I confess I have never been to "one guy" I had no idea!!

Amanda said...

Hello, out of curiosity, what row were you at? We got floor seats and not sure how far we are actually from the stage. Thanks and great show!!


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