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Weekend express is over & I rewarded myself!

I have completed the Weekend Express class!  Tomorrow will be the first day since Easter that I didn't have to work.  Well, I worked on Easter getting ready for my Express class, but tomorrow is the first day I don't have to actually be anywhere working.  I'm so darn tired I feel like this squirrel I caught chilling on my fence...

I got through with court today at about 1:00.  I spent the afternoon working in the yard.  I have been collecting plants for over a month and I finally got around to planting them. 

The weather was great.  Overcast, but not windy.  Warm enough, but not too warm.  Lola enjoyed some time in the great outdoors as well.

Working in the yard is just one of the 50 things on my to-do list.  Cleaning my house needs to be somewhere high up on that list.  It's a bio hazard at this point.  But I don't know how much I will accomplish tomorrow.  I feel a serious case of lazy's coming on!

Oh, and whenever I teach one of these weekend express classe…

Confessions of a Product Junkie....Hair product trial run edition

In my previous installment of my Confessions of a Product Junkie, I wrote about my hair product crisis.  I reported that I was researching and investigating new products.  Well, I finally received all my Devacurl products.  Today was a great day to try them out because I didn't have to be in court, have a meeting, teach a class, or see anyone important.  In other words, if my hair turned out to be totally craptastic, I could just re-do it tomorrow, no harm-no foul. 

Here's what I was trying out:

In the shower... I tried the DevaCurl Low-poo and One Conditioner.  I also tried out their microfiber towel on my hair instead of a regular terry towel. My thoughts:  I decided to try the Low-Poo instead of the No-Poo "shampoo".  After researching up on the curly hair products and what is best, I learned that most shampoos strip too much of the moisture from hair.  Moisture is the key to a good curly hair-do.  I really thought that was the problem I had been having with my ne…

Confessions of a Product product crisis edition

I ran across an article from Allure Magazine (February 2013) the other day.  It was about curly hair.  It spoke to me in a way it wouldn't have even a year ago.  Not because I didn't have curly hair last year, Lord knows I did, but because a year ago, I had my concoction of products perfected and I got nearly perfect hair all the time.  Then something really bad happened.  An almost apocalyptic event...Not one, not two, not three, but six (S-I-X!) of my hair products were discontinued!

Now I know what you are thinking... You use six products on your hair?

If you are passing that judgment on me, you must not have curly hair.  From shampoo to hair spray, I use nine products.  Judge if you must, but it's not just me.  That article from Allure backed me up.  In a line that particularly resonated with me, it said...

"Curly-haired women are like chemists:  We use a dab of this, a dollop of that to create our perfect concoction."

That describes it perfectly.  Unfortunate…

Confession of a Product Junkie...Skin care edition

I am a self proclaimed product junkie.  Not that I buy tons and tons (well, probably more than some people I'm sure), but I am a full believer in products... make-up, hair products, skin care, you name it.  I'm a little suspicious of people who don't use products.  Not as suspicious as I am of people who carry small purses, but it's a close second.

I'm going to write a few posts on products and I'm starting today with Skin Care.  I have tried a zillion types of skin care...  Expensive, Inexpensive, 3 steps, 20 steps, department store, drug store, etc. 

For the past couple of years, I have found myself leaning toward the cheaper products.  I have found that they provide just about the same amount as satisfaction as the more expensive brands.

To remove make-up, I like two products:

Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash is a good one.  It's made by Johnson and Johnson.  It's cheap too.  Like around the $6 price point.  It's pretty gentle and I like using it w…

The Weekend Express...all aboard!

It's time for the Weekend Express...all aboard!   Yep, I'm teaching another crazy 3 weekend course.  We go for 4 hours on Friday night, 8 hours on Saturday, and 5 hours on Sunday afternoon.  It's called an express class, which makes me think of a train.  Express trains are all well and good, unless your train has mechanical problems, and my train (me) was experiencing a bit of a mechanical issue this past weekend.

It all started on Monday night.  My throat started to burn.  Instantly.  Like the flipping of a switch.  I knew it was Spring rearing her ugly head.  She tries to kill me every April.  On Tuesday morning, I made an appointment at the doctor for later in the day.  I went to the doctor and explained that I felt a real allergy attack coming on and that I wanted preventative medicine because I had to have a voice to teach all weekend.  He said, "Preventative medicine?" and looked at me like I was cookoo for cocoa puffs.  He said "let's check you ou…

I'm Throwing an Online Party, & You Are Invited!

I hosting an online party.  I think the point was for it to be an e-mail your friends an evite kind of thing, but I checked to make sure it was legal to include blog friends too, and it is!  So consider yourself cordially invited...

This company has great jewelery. I want one of everything!  And if you click on this link HERE, you can get the secret code to get 10% off.  The code will work for 7 days, so take advantage while you can. 

P.S. If you like a design of a necklace, bracelet, etc., be sure to click on the item to look more closely because many of them come in multiple color options!

P.P.S. Somebody please order a bracelet, or ten, and wear them in my honor.  My wrists are huge and bracelets never fit me :-(