Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Confessions of a Product product crisis edition

I ran across an article from Allure Magazine (February 2013) the other day.  It was about curly hair.  It spoke to me in a way it wouldn't have even a year ago.  Not because I didn't have curly hair last year, Lord knows I did, but because a year ago, I had my concoction of products perfected and I got nearly perfect hair all the time.  Then something really bad happened.  An almost apocalyptic event...Not one, not two, not three, but six (S-I-X!) of my hair products were discontinued!

Now I know what you are thinking... You use six products on your hair?

If you are passing that judgment on me, you must not have curly hair.  From shampoo to hair spray, I use nine products.  Judge if you must, but it's not just me.  That article from Allure backed me up.  In a line that particularly resonated with me, it said...

"Curly-haired women are like chemists:  We use a dab of this, a dollop of that to create our perfect concoction." 

That describes it perfectly.  Unfortunately, this statement is also true "Curly-haired women spend almost twice as much on products as those with straight hair."  And to that, I will add my own quote about hair products...  Curly hair is why I can never fly without checking a bag.  I couldn't dream of getting all my hair products in a small zip lock baggie! 

Anyway, I've digressed, back to the issue at hand... all my dang products were discontinued!  I've been trying to find substitutes, but as of yet, I haven't gotten there.  My hair does not look the same, or if it does look the same, it doesn't hold up as well for day 2 of wear.  I'm super hopeful that this article has changed my life.  It introduced me to a website called, which is a website where you can take a quiz and it will tell you what kind of hair you have, and even recommend products for your hair. 

It's fascinating.  There are 3 categories of hair and 3 breakdowns within each category:

Wavy ~ 2
Curly ~ 3
Coily ~ 4

I'm a 3A... "Curly Twirly" 

They even tell you which celebrities have "your" hair.  Fellow 3A's are:

Debra Messing
and Annalynn McCord.
 Of course, I couldnt' find a great hair picture of me to save my life, but here are a couple
Naturallycurly turned me on to DivaCurl.  DivaCurl has it's own categories for us curly girls, and there I'm a "Botticelli" curl.  I've ordered some products.  I'm also contemplating other changes they recommend which include sleeping on a silk pillowcase. 

I'll report back soon...


Abby said...

I think you nailed it with your 3a. I think God knew he could trust you with 3a hair. Could you imagine what kind of crazy my hair would look like--oh lord!

Loving the series.

JEF said...

I may need to know these things for C someday !!! Right now we use some detangler in the morning and call it good :)

Anonymous said...

I hold onto discontinued products for ages! Always on the prowl at Ross, TJ Maxx, etc for all of my faves that are no longer made.


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