Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Confessions of a Product Junkie....Hair product trial run edition

In my previous installment of my Confessions of a Product Junkie, I wrote about my hair product crisis.  I reported that I was researching and investigating new products.  Well, I finally received all my Devacurl products.  Today was a great day to try them out because I didn't have to be in court, have a meeting, teach a class, or see anyone important.  In other words, if my hair turned out to be totally craptastic, I could just re-do it tomorrow, no harm-no foul. 

Here's what I was trying out:

In the shower...
I tried the DevaCurl Low-poo and One Conditioner.  I also tried out their microfiber towel on my hair instead of a regular terry towel.
My thoughts:  I decided to try the Low-Poo instead of the No-Poo "shampoo".  After researching up on the curly hair products and what is best, I learned that most shampoos strip too much of the moisture from hair.  Moisture is the key to a good curly hair-do.  I really thought that was the problem I had been having with my new shampoo and conditioner.  I had tried a couple that I was liking way better than the replacement version of my discontinued models, but I think these really are pretty great.  I was leery of not using a leave in conditioner, but I think they did such a great job, a leave in wasn't even necessary.
I also got sucked into trying their microfiber towel (I had a coupon at Sephora and had to spend exactly that amount to get free shipping, so...).  Since I used all the new products at once, it is hard to say if this made a huge difference, but I'm just going to go with a thumbs up, because the combo I used worked pretty great. 
For styling...
Only two products!  T-W-O!!
I used the Ultra defining gel on my hair when it was wet, and then I used the Styling Cream on it once it was dry.
My thoughts: I was suspicious of going from a six products routine down to two, but I was willing to give it a shot.  I had been using the styling cream for over a week and was loving it.  I first got it in the mail and tried it on day-3 hair.  I was shocked at how well it sprung those curls right back into shape.  I think that the gel did a great job of replacing 4 of the other products I normally use.
So here are some pics of the hair today.  Only DevaCurl products were used (except for my trusty Matrix Proforma hairspray which I have been using since 4th grade.  I WILL jump off a bridge if they discontinue this product!). 
Same side, just a little different angle
other side
(kinda blurry because I was using my left hand to hold the camera!)
Overall, I'm pretty dang happy with Deva Curl products.  I think the curls have good definition, and so far they haven't frizzed.  I can't wait to see how day 2 goes, and lord have mercy if I can make it to a day 3 without having to wash, I will call the Vatican and report a miracle!  (I know that sounds gross, but us curly haired people tend to have dry hair, so the longer we can go without washing, the better condition our hair will be). 
Of course, now I'm wondering how awesome their fancy blow dryer and diffuser would be?
Of course, I'm sure I'll just keep wondering because that puppy costs $160!
P.S.  I'm sure you know this already, but this isn't a paid DevaCurl endorsement.  I bought all this stuff myself in my quest for the perfect products in light of the recent deaths of my beloved products.  But hey DevaCurl~I'm open to trying out whatever products you want to send me! :-)


JEF said...

Glad all your products worked great ! If I know you, I'm sure you will getting that hairdryer soon with some fabulous coupon that I would never be able to find :)


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