Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend express is over & I rewarded myself!

I have completed the Weekend Express class!  Tomorrow will be the first day since Easter that I didn't have to work.  Well, I worked on Easter getting ready for my Express class, but tomorrow is the first day I don't have to actually be anywhere working.  I'm so darn tired I feel like this squirrel I caught chilling on my fence...

I got through with court today at about 1:00.  I spent the afternoon working in the yard.  I have been collecting plants for over a month and I finally got around to planting them. 

The weather was great.  Overcast, but not windy.  Warm enough, but not too warm.  Lola enjoyed some time in the great outdoors as well.

Working in the yard is just one of the 50 things on my to-do list.  Cleaning my house needs to be somewhere high up on that list.  It's a bio hazard at this point.  But I don't know how much I will accomplish tomorrow.  I feel a serious case of lazy's coming on!

Oh, and whenever I teach one of these weekend express classes, I try to reward myself for making it through.  For this class, I got a new Kate Spade wallet.  I love Kate Spade and her cute packaging.
I saw this wallet over a month ago.  I sent my friend Abby a link and said, "We must get this!".  You see, my friend Abby and I have had matching wallets for at least 4 years.  Not the same wallet mind you.  Different ones.  But always matching.  It wasn't really a big plan we had, but at this point, when I change, I advise her so we can just continue the matching!  Anyway, we decided that we hoped it got marked down so we could justify the purchase.
One morning I got an email from kate spade about a sale.  I discovered the wallet was on a great sale and immediately ordered mine.  I then called every number associated with Abby, texted, and emailed too.  I might have said something like "Shopping Alert:  Immediate action required!" 

It's just like the wallet I've had. Except cuter!  I love the kate spade Lacey zip around wallet .  This past week while I was in a drive through, I noticed that my Butter london Primrose Hill Picnic polished nails looked especially cute with my wallet too!
Happy Weekend!


Abby said...

I love our new wallet so much!!


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