Monday, May 27, 2013

Helping Heros & Ryan Star

Back in the fall, I turned my hair-dresser, Cathy, onto Ryan Star.  It quickly benefited me because I got to listen to Ryan while getting my hair done, as he was now on her salon's playlist.  Then earlier this year, I got a call one night from Cathy wanting to know if she could give my number to Dr. Jennifer Buchanan, who was wanting my help on a charity concert she puts on each year in McKinney.

Jennifer Buchanan called me, explained that she has a charity concert on Memorial Day weekend each year that raises money to build homes for wounded warriors.  She had heard Ryan playing on Cathy's playlist, and Cathy had suggested he might be great for the headliner of this year's concert.  She wanted to know if I had an "in" for getting him.  I told her not really.  I go to every concert when Ryan is in Dallas (and sometimes other parts of Texas), and while he recognizes me, he wouldn't know my name.  I did rustle up some email addresses for his people and she emailed them.

I heard from Jennifer a few weeks later.  She hadn't heard a reply on her email, so I gave her some additional contacts.  I told her I knew he and his band were busy in the studio recording, so touring might not be possible at this point.  I didn't really hold out hope, but a few weeks later, I heard from Jennifer that she had Ryan and his band booked!

I was so super excited that Ryan was going to be playing a concert in my town!  Who would have ever thought?

I talked my law partner Jennifer, and Joshua into going with me to last night's show. 
 I still cannot believe how wonderful the weather was.  It was in the 80's with a cool breeze.  Not your typical Texas Memorial Day weekend weather! 
 Ryan was the third band of the night. 

This was Joshua's very first concert.  I had him right up front for most of it.
We did sit down for a few songs, but then he was ready to go back up closer to the action.

 The band and crew resting before the encore...They had been Texa-fied a little.

It really is a super event.  It's a free concert and it's goal is to raise money to build homes for wounded warriors, a cause that we can all get behind.
After Ryan's show, we were treated to a great fireworks display

Above and below are my favorite fireworks.
The ones that look like glitter in the sky.

I think Joshua had a great first concert experience, and I still cannot believe that I got to see Ryan less than 10 minutes from my house!



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