Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I have spent the last two weeks cleaning like nobody's business.  I have probably spent about 25 hours cleaning.  NO JOKE!  There really is no surface that hasn't been dusted, vacuumed, windexed, swiffered, or washed. 

That might seem excessive, but it wasn't.  I honestly cannot recall the last time I did a super deep clean.  I thought I was done with everything on Saturday, but then on Sunday, I walked into my closet and started a massive clean out.  I had just taken a ton of stuff to Goodwill in November, but somehow I managed to find another 5 trash bags full of stuff to take (including over 20 pairs of shoes!). 

I removed everything, dusted, vacuumed, and reorganized.  I also photographed all of the newer shoes, so that I could put the picture on the front of their box.  I worked so hard, I never stopped for lunch, and didn't even turn my television on all day!  For me, that's saying something!

Here is the end result...

Funny story:  when I purchased all those pink bins last fall, the lady at the Containter Store said "Oh!  Are you decorating a little girl's room?"  Nope.  Just my closet.
I keep the shoes that I wear most any season right here.  Previously, I only had one shelf that was not for shoes, but after the clean out, I was able to make room for some other "stuff". 
Yes, I keep the newspaper clipping of Andre Agassi waiving goodbye from his last match at
Wimbledon posted in my closet.  Superfan 4-ever!

I like to keep most all my shoes in these clear boxes from the Container Store.  It keeps the shoes dust free, and I like how easy it is to find the right pair of shoes.  
It really helps when you have a photo taped on the inside. It had been a while since I took photos of my shoes, so I had lots of catching up to do, but it sure is nice to have them all organized.
By the way, I have a couple of purses that I would like to sell.  If anyone has an interest in buying any of the following, e-mail me at legallyblondesproceedings at gmail dot com and I can send you photos and talk details:
brown leather Juicy Couture (hobo style and smaller in size),
off-white/bone leather Coach,
black leather Coach purses (2 different ones, one smaller, one medium size)


Legally Lovely said...

Looks awesome!! I have some major jealousy going on right now with your shoe collection/storage system. That's so convenient!


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