Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You're Welcome

My Dad texted me last week and told me to go buy two items.  I did, and wowsa, they are good!

These Lay's wavy Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt chips are super yummy.
These pickles are beyond good.  They taste very similar to some my parents have made in the past.  They have several kinds that look similar, but these are the Zesty.  I've almost polished off a whole jar and have bought 3 more!
I was a little concerned because these chips are really thick.  In my experience, this can mean a soggy pickle, but these have all been crisp!
So from my dad to me, and from me to you, I highly recommend these two products.
and I'm so confident in my suggestions, I'm going to go ahead and say "you're welcome!"



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