Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Berry Baskets

I don't love summer.  Although, in it's defense, I might love summer if I didn't live where the daily weather forecaster describes the day as "oppressive".  But the one thing that saves summer for me is the produce you can buy (okay, two things...add snowcones to that list).  Berries are some of my favorite things to buy, and blackberries are one of my favorite foods in existence, so I was super excited to find these adorable berry baskets.

I've been wanting some from Anthropologie for a long time, but at $20 for the larger size and $14 for the smaller size, I just never could justify the purchase.  Then I got the Sur la Table catalog and saw that they had these cute baskets on sale, I was sold. 

I got the smaller yellow baskets for $3.99 and the larger basket (which they called a peach basket) for $9.06.  I couldn't pass it up.  They only came in yellow, white, and red, (so not all the cute anthropologie color options), but I was happy with the price.

Since I bought these, I also found some cheaper melamine options at World Market.  They come in yellow, hot pink, and lime green. 

I just think my berries are so much more tasty since they are stored in the adorable baskets!



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