Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wish List

I have lots of items on my wish list at any given time. 
Here are some that are on, or have recently been on my wish list.

This Kate Spade mug has been on my wish list for quite some time.  It echos my general philosophy after all.  Well cake and cookies!  Anyway, last week when I was in the Kate Spade store, I broke down and just purchased it for myself as an early birthday present.  
While we are on the subject of Kate Spade....I have let it be known that I adore the "Lacey" wallet that KS makes.  My super cute red and pink polka dot one had a manufacturers defect which showed itself after a few months of carrying it, so I took it back to the Kate Spade store last week.
While in store, I spotted this adorable new wallet they had called "Glitter Bug" in rosegold.
Pink & Glitter!  Are you freaking kidding me?!?  It was instantly on my wish list.
Unfortunately, they were not able to replace my polka dot one with one exactly like it, and after much persuasion on my part, I managed to talk them into letting me have the glitter bug!
On that same trip to the mall, I discovered this glass ornament at Neiman's.  Needless to say it's on my wish list, but I WILL have it before my Christmas tree goes up!
When I got the most recent Pottery Barn catalog, this pillow caught my attention.  I immediately texted my mom that it was on my wish list.  (Birthday and Christmas are approaching, so it seemed like a sure bet!)
Tory Burch Revas have long been on my wish list.  Last week there was a sale on them, and they are NEVER on sale.  So I decided to treat myself for completing my first weekend express!
Finally, a biggie on my list.  This Prada bag.
I covet this bag with every ounce of my being!
It's probably wrong to want a purse so badly,
but if loving the Prada is wrong, then I don't want to be right! 
It's not mine yet, and it probably won't be anytime soon,
but I love to visit it when I go through Neimans.
The holidays are quickly approaching.  What's on your wish list? 


Legally Lovely said...

We are wish list soul-sisters. EVERYTHING on your list is calling my name. Love that you talked KS into that sparkly wallet. AND THAT PRADA. Ohhhhhh yeah. You need it. :)


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