Monday, November 4, 2013

Kara Goes To Washington D.C. {Day 2}

Day two in D.C. wasn't about sightseeing, because it was full with the events I came to attend.  There was the swearing in on Thursday morning, and a party on Thursday night.  I had two new dresses and was ready to hit the town.  First stop was Capitol Hill.  The swearing in was at noon, and I had to be there a bit early, but still got to sleep in a little.

This is the dome in the Russell Senate Office Building.  It was a really pretty building.

Specifically, we were in the Kennedy Caucus Room, which was a beautiful room.

When I arrived (early), I found that I wasn't the first there
Right away, I could tell that this Texan was in a sea of Jersey!

Even while in line, but especially once inside, I discovered that there were tons of elected officials from Jersey.  I had some great conversations with them, and the political nerd in me was asking questions about their system, and the professor in me was answering their questions about our system.

The big question:  What are you doing here?  How did you get invited?

For that, I had no real answer.  The only thing I can guess is that I have been a donor for many years. I have donated to Cory's campaigns for mayor.  I donated several times to this Senate race.  I guess being a multiple donor from out of state, may have gotten attention?  Or he just invited everyone because he didn't actually expect us to show up :-)

It was really crowded and everyone was bumping everyone.  At one point, I got bumped and looked up and found that I was bumped by none other than Miss Gayle King!  I didn't ask for a pic with her (probably should have), but I got a pic as she walked away...
At noon, Cory got sworn in...

Then he was introduced to us by Senator Menendez

After he was done speaking, it was pandemonium.  I have never been in a swarm like that.  People were pushing from behind, but there was nowhere you could go.  Nutso.  I was about two people away when his Chief of Staff told security that he needed to leave.  I gave up and was starting to leave, when I noticed that he had been hemmed up on the other side of the room taking pics.

At this point, I ran into Cory's mom.  She was so sweet and gave me a hug when she found out I was a supporter all the way from Texas.  Mrs. Booker is really a lovely woman.

Because of the crazy crowds, I felt really bad for him, but I also wanted my pic.  I had come all the way from Texas after all!  I went to see if I could make any headway and while waiting, who did I see come in, but none other than Senator John McCain.
You can kind of get an idea of the crowd from that pic.

I made it to where I was right behind Cory.  I kept my hand on his shoulder for a good 5 minutes because I thought I might get his attention to turn around.  His big security guards were getting ready to whisk him away and was bumping me out of the way, when I said "if I could just get a pic sir, I came from Texas".  Security said, "Everybody get back, he needs to go to a press conference!".  I started to walk away, but the security guard said "Not you".  I knew I was going to get my pic!

I went outside to wait on the press conference which I watched for a few minutes.

I left the Senate Building and decided to walk around and take some additional pictures of the Capitol and then walk over to the Supreme Court before heading back to my hotel, but not before changing out my heels for my ballet flats.  It wasn't fashionable, but at least I was comfy!

The Statue of Freedom on top of the Capitol is the guide by which all other construction in the District of Columbia must judged.  Nothing can be taller than the Statue.
Some of the beautiful fall foliage on Capitol Hill...

The Library of Congress

Now, for my unapologetic picture overload of the Supreme Court Building...

The next few pics are some shots I got out of the cab on the way back to the hotel...

This was my dress for the morning event (I had a black jacket that went over it)...

I had a couple of hours before I needed to be back across town at the evening event.

My outfit for that event...

While waiting on the evening event to start, I saw a woman wearing these Washington, D.C. appropriate shoes...

Once inside the event, a lady who I met that morning found me.  I'm so glad she did, because she made sure we met dang near everyone there that night!  

It was that evening that I realized just who all was there... Dean of Stanford, Venture Capitalists from Silicon Valley, folks from Facebook and similar groups, elected officials, executives from huge corporations, folks who work for high elected officials, along with Cory's campaign staff and family.  This brought back the question:  What in the heck was I doing on the invite list?

Some of the other people I saw...

Senator (and former Saturday Night Live star) Al Franken...

Also "America's Rabbi" and Cory's friend from his days at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

I got to get another pic with Cory at the evening event.  We were really having a good laugh in this one...

They finally started a line and professional photos after Cory and his Mom spoke.  Before we left, the line had died down, so we got in line to talk to him.  I got to really talk to him this time.  It was so great.  I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek!  Day, Week, Month, Year, and probably Decade Made!  There is talk that Cory has plans to come to Texas (so said, his campaign manager, money person, and him).  He said they would give me a call when they scheduled the trip.  I hope they do!

After that, I went out with a couple of friends that I had made and we celebrated the rest of Halloween night.



Jennifer Ffrench said...

Wow what a great opportunity my friend !! A real Kara goes to Washington story. I must say I'm a bit jealous!


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