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Bidding Adieu to 2013

2013 has almost come and gone, so it's time to bid adieu to the year. There have been 365 days of challenges, blessings, laughter, adventures, lots some shopping, and let's be honest, more than a few cupcakes!

I've made a couple of flipagram videos to chronicle some of my 2013.

My 2013 Travels
Lola's 2013 Looking forward to 2014!   Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas! {2013 Christmas Card}

{front} {back}

Christmas Cookies

I made Christmas Cookies a couple of weeks ago during the iced in days, but then I started feeling poorly, so I never got them decorated.  I stuck them in the freezer until I felt better and had time to decorate them.  I finally got around to doing that on Sunday...

These ornaments look really cool in person, but didn't photograph so well

ICE! {The Nutcracker}

I met my friends Abby, Brian, Emery, Brooks & Graham, as they traveled through town on Saturday morning. We went to the Gaylord Texan for the ICE! display.  We went three years ago when it was the Peanuts theme.  The last two years have been Shrek and Madagascar, which didn't really interest us.  This year was Nutcracker, which seemed worthy of another visit.

On the way to ice, we stopped to look at the giant gingerbread house...
Let me just tell you that, going at 10:00 a.m. was so much better than the afternoon we attended in 2010.  In 2010, we waited in lines, to wait in lines (I'm not even kidding).  This year, we were able to walk right up without any lines.  It always starts off with a video that explains about the ice sculpting process, and warns you that it's kept at 8 degrees inside the exhibit.  Right after the video, it snowed in the room!

After that, you stop off for you giant blue parka...
I may be partial because I'm his Fairy Godmother, but I think G…

Christmas Decorations ~ Dining Room {2013 Edition}

The Dining Room decorations are definitely jazzed up this year, since this room got the newest tree...The Travel Tree!
It's a tree that is still in progress since I want to continue adding ornaments as I travel each year. It's a new pre-lit tree that I bought, but I've decided that I need to add some extra lights next year.  I often do living room tree has an extra 600 lights that I added because I didn't think it was bright enough!
For the tree topper, I used left over ribbon from last year.  It is some of the same ribbon I used on the living room tree topper, but I made it go with the theme by adding some mini flags from some of the countries I have visited... Ireland, Canada, US (of course), United Kingdom, and Mexico.  I hadn't seen anything that prompted this idea, it just came to me as I was driving one day, but I think it turned out brilliantly.
Do you see that adorable tree skirt?  How perfect is that for a travel tree?  Santas from around the Wo…

Christmas Decorations ~ Home Office {2013 Edition}

I have a completely new tree in my office this year.  I had wanted this 6 foot skinny tree from Hobby Lobby for a couple of years.  I always thought it was too expensive (even with their 50% off).  I had big plans to go after Christmas last year and get it for cheap, but when I got snowed in Nocona, I thought all hope was lost.  Actually, it worked out for my benefit, because when I finally made it back home, I was able to find the tree for 75% off!

I've named this my "white & bright" tree.  I love it and it makes me super happy!
I used a few ornaments that I had been using on the smaller tree in my office for years, but I also was able to get many on super sale last year.  I bought some pink ribbon on sale last year too, and used picks I already owned to make a topper for this tree.
This tree skirt was one I already had as well.  It is one I made several years ago with a piece of glittery felt that I cut and sewed some fur around the edge.  I think it is perfect for…