Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ice-magedon 2013

The freezing rain and sleet started about 3:00 on Thursday.  By the end of the evening, everything had been cancelled for Friday.  I went to bed at about 12:15 and it was still falling. I woke up at 1:15 to the sound of a tree falling.  I'm my sleepy daze, I feared a Christmas tree had fallen over, but when I went to investigate and woke up a little, I realized that it was the sound of limbs breaking off my trees in the back yard.  I looked out and there was one limb down.

When I woke up, I saw this winter war zone...
I think my Elm is probably a complete loss.
This one is still such a mess, who knows.  But I'm sure hopeful it can be saved.

The roses's perfectly encased in ice...

Luckily, I had electricity the whole time.  Lots of people did not.  I had some extra guests over the weekend.  Lisa and Mito came over because they didn't have power.  They toughed it out as long as the could, but when their house hit about 47 degrees, they decided to pack it in and come over.

Also, my dad brought Milly to me on Friday since I'm dog-sitting her this week.  It took him many, many hours to get here and back home, but we feared that the roads would be too bad on Saturday for us to meet up plus, oh yeah, I couldn't get out of my drive-way!  Turns out the roads were worse on Saturday, so that was a good call.  Here's Milly on Ice...
Lola sleeps in a kennel.  Milly sleeps in bed with my parents, which means Milly sleeps with me when she is here.  This little pup can hog 98% of a Queen size bed, which is remarkable considering she weighs maybe 13 pounds.  

The ice sure is pretty...

....but boy, oh boy do I hate it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for providing good food, many cans of soda, hot showers and a warm bed for us. We really appreciated it!

Rebeka said...

Oh man, ice storms are the worst. I hope it clears up for you soon and that you don't lose power. It does make for some pretty pictures though, so at least there's that.


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