Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I was thinking that I hadn't blogged in a week because I hadn't really done anything, but then I realized that wasn't true.  I haven't blogged because I've actually been fairly busy!

Here is a recap (mostly in iphone pics)...

Last week it snowed again!  Not much, just an inch or two, but it is always exciting here in Texas to get even a few flakes.  It was early and cold, and I was in my pajamas, so I didn't get too many good pics...

On Thursday, Lisa & I went to a movie and then to a local place for tapas.  We saw Les Mis...

I got my order of new nail polish in the mail.  Two of butter London's new spring 2013 colors (fiver & kerfuffle).  Strangely enough, I realized it totally looks like my teenage Laura Ashley room colors.  Ha!

I went to Fort Worth on Saturday.  A couple of my out of town friends happened to both be in Fort Worth (YAY!).  I had lunch with my friend Suzanna and her 2 kids.  Then we went to Bluebonnett Bakery...

Then I went to my friend Abby's neice's first birthday party.  Emily decorated everything so cute...

The birthday girl...

Abby's three kiddo's...

Sunday I saw another couple of movies.  I went to the movies and saw one on my to see before Oscars list...

and then on my apple tv, I watched Bernie...

On Sunday and Monday I also managed to get the house cleaned, laundry done and Lola bathed (she is so shiny bright!)...

School started back for me yesterday, so I'm trying to get into that new routine...

Finally, today I had enough of the uncomfortable chair I had been using at the Mac, and went to buy a new one.  It was on sale too!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Golden Globes 2013

One of my very favorite "seasons" began on Sunday... awards season!  I know there was a People's Choice Award a week or so ago, but I'm an awards snob and don't count that one.  My Award Season includes:  The Golden Globes, SAG, Grammys, and Academy Awards.

I am so behind on my movies this year that I honestly couldn't pull for one nominee over the other (I plan to remedy that by SAG, or definitely by the Oscars), but that is part of the beauty of the Globes, there are television nominees too!  So I did get to watch those categories with some knowledge, though many I found myself too torn to have an opinion one way or the other.  Take the best Television Drama category...I mean Homeland vs. Boardwalk Empire vs. The Newsroom vs. Downton Abbey!  Why not make me choose between my right leg, left leg, right arm, or left arm!  I could not possibly choose!

One thing I did feel more than capable of judging though...the fashion!

I liked Julianne Hough in this little number by Monique Lhullier.
I don't think that the dress alone was a wowsa, but I think it was the styling that made me like it.  
I liked the princessy dress juxtaposed with the rocker hair-do.

I enjoyed Juliann Moore in this little diddy that Tom Ford whipped up for her...

I also liked Eva Longoria's dress by Pucci.  I loved the lace.  I loved the sleeves.  I thought the back was gorgeous, but I wish the leg slit had been a little less high...

Nicole Kidman looked great in Alexander McQueen...

Good grief!  I'm liking lots of black dresses!  Here's some color...

I loved Jennifer Garner, but I almost always do.  I thought she and Ben were just adorable.  I loved her red Vivienne Westwood gown...

I would have liked Jennifer Lawrence's gown by Dior...

except it did a weird thing with her boobs when viewed from the side...

Before I pick my fav, let me dish about the disasters.

Halle Berry looked terrible in her Versace dress...

and Sienna Miller was just a big ol' doily in her Erdem dress...

And I just couldn't hop on board with Jessica Chastain's whole look (she wore Calvin Klein). 
The dress was too droopy.  The hair too...too...too all around terrible!

I think my favorite of the evening was...

........Drum roll.....

Kate Hudson in McQueen!

I know some people loved it, and some people hated it, but for me, it's all Love Love Love!

As far as seeing the nominated films, I realized yesterday that I have not been to see a movie since Good Friday when I saw Moonrise Kingdom!  What on earth?!?!  

I made a list of movies to see:

Les Mis
Zero Dark Thirty
Silver Linings Playbook

if I get really ambitious, I'll add:

Django Unchained
Beasts of the Southern Wild

Life of Pi is the only one I have absolutely zero interest in seeing.

Here is my plan of attack:  I saw that Argo is being released on DVD on 2/19, so my plan is to wait until that week and catch it on Apple TV.  Beast of the Southern Wild has already been released, so that would be easy to see as well.

Yesterday, I took a long lunch and saw Silver Linings Playbook.  I don't really have any order to my list, as I'm just seeing whichever movie is playing at a convenient time.  Today, I wanted to go again, but I got wrapped up in other things (Work, ugh!  How annoying!).  

Did you watch?  Did your favorite movie or television shows win?
Whose dress did you love?  Hate?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Cleaning

Winter Cleaning... It's like spring cleaning, but in winter, and is when the mood most often strikes me.  Last weekend a big winter cleaning wasn't on the agenda, but one thing led to another and I ended up cleaning out and re-organizing the bottom of my pantry.  It was a colossal mess, and turns out it housed enough inventory to open a party goods store!

Think I'm kidding?  Let me show you...





Valentine's Day




Animal Prints

Hawaiian Luau

Baby Shower


Even more random



This totally doesn't count a couple of things of plastic utensils, plates, cute cups, bowls, etc. that were also stashed down there.  

It isn't a total shock.  I made note a year ago (after buying a couple packages post-Christmas) and have made a considerable effort to not buy anymore.  In fact, I can tell you exactly what I have bought over the past 12 months.  I got some new Thanksgiving napkins post-Thanksgiving because I thought I needed some (obviously not).  I also bought those cute green & pink ones in the summer category (top right of that pic) in Mississippi in May (after telling Lisa I shouldn't because I had grounded myself from buying anymore).  

In my defense, I do use them some.  I have those coasters where you can change out the napkins.  I like being able to change with the seasons or holidays.  But, it was a complete organizational nightmare.  I had no idea what I had and couldn't find anything when I needed it.  

I decided to organize with file folders, and hopefully this will keep me organized and from buying ones I don't need.

Please pay no attention to the shelf above this bottom.  I did not take my Winter cleaning that far!

I honestly think I need to go to a paper-goods anonymous meeting or something.  I texted Jennifer and said,  "Do not let me buy any more napkins.  Use physical force if necessary."

That was Sunday.  On Monday I found the cutest Christmas napkins in pink & gold and they were only 50 cents!  I was totally about to buy them.  Jennifer texted me "What is wrong with you?!".  I felt the shame and put them back.  You got to give it to me... I'm paper goods ready for any party at a drop of the hat!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Party for One

Because I'm beyond obssessed with Downton Abbey...
Because I love hosting a party...
Because my Downton friends don't live in town...
Because I'm a little crazy...
I threw my own little Downton Abbey Premier party for one!
My dinner...
 Nothing about the food itself was Downton themed, but the union jack was represented.
Earlier in the day, I made some Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies...

I needed to use up some cream cheese that I stock-piled (for no particular reason) during a sale, and I found the recipe on Pinterest.  They turned out really good...

 so they were perfect for biscuits and tea during the premier...
 iphone pic
P.S. I'm in love with this tea that I got for Christmas!
P.P.S.  PBS ran a great special on Highclere Castle, and the Earl & Countess of Carnarvon, just prior to the Downton premier.  If you didn't catch it, check into it to see if they are running it again.  It was really good!  I'm so desperate to visit!!!!

P.P.P.S. Downton was wonderful!  I think I'm going to have to rewatch it!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

back to the abbey

After a long and arduous wait, Downton Abbey is back tonight!  

Oh how I've missed the happenings at Downton, and the hilarious comments of the Dowager Countess.  There are so many questions that need to be answered this season...

Will Lady Mary and Matthew marry?  

What's this I hear about Lord Crawley being broke?  

But most importantly, what will become of Mr. Bates?

                                                                         Source: Uploaded by user via Kara on Pinterest

Until tonight, here is some Dowager to tide you over.  Top 10 Dowager Moments from Season 1:

Friday, January 4, 2013

Post Christmas

I'm so behind on everything...  I haven't even started putting away Christmas stuff, I haven't seen any movies on my "to-see list", and I haven't blogged about my Post Christmas activities.

I love after Christmas shopping.  I love hitting up the sales on December 26th, then I love hitting up the sales as things go 75% off, and it usually is wrapped up nicely with a big New Years Day sale at Dillards.  This year I was a snowed in Nocona until later in the day on the 26th.  I was really worried because there were a  couple of specific things I really wanted to get up early on the 26th and try to get. 

Luckily, I think that the bad weather all over kept people from getting out as they normally would on the 26th, so I was able to find what I wanted after I got back into town.  The other things were procured for me by my friend Abby and her sister Emily who were in Amarillo (It takes a village, people!). 

One item I really wanted was a white tree at Hobby Lobby.  I wanted it for my office and it was the only place I found a tree that would work.  It had to be really, really skinny, but I wanted it to be at least 6 ft tall.  They had one that I had coveted all season, but I just didn't want to pay what it was costing (even at their 50% off price).  I was so happy that I was able to get it 66% off on the 26th!!

I plan to decorate the white tree in bright ornaments, so I've been hitting the sales and buying more bright colored ornaments for this tree.  Here are a few that I got...

I got some additional ornaments for my living room tree and kitchen tree (because they really needed it, right?).

Abby got me this Spode deviled egg tray...

On Sunday, I met up with Abby's crew as they were on their way home from Amarillo.  So happy to see some of my favorite people...

After lunch at Chuy's, we went to watch the Aggie's practice...

I got my last Christmas gift of the season from my friend Abby.  I love it!  I have to share...
It's the Vera Bradley "Grand Traveler" bag.  It's huge!  I can't wait to travel with it.  Plus I love the Viva la Vera pattern.  Such a great gift to close out the season of gift giving and getting!  I made Lola pose in it so that I could show a "to scale" pic...

On Tuesday morning, I was fired up for the Dillard's NY Day sale.  If you don't know, Dillard's puts everything that is already on sale, an additional 50% off.  My friend Suzanna was attending in Midland, and before I left out I sent her this pic with the caption, "Got my hipster purse on so that I have full use of both hands for the shopping!"
She responded "Coke zero in one hand, phone in another, hipster purse.  I'd say you are ready to shop!"  And I totally was!

I did get lots of bargains.  I actually got several gifts, but I won't show those.  I didn't get too much for myself, but I am very excited about these new leather gloves with "magic" iphone operating fingers that I nabbed for $11!!

I also got this cute little cake stand and cover for $9!  I thought it would be cute to hold a couple of cupcakes or small treats I bring home too often.
So that was my post-Christmas excitement.  

P.S.  Blogger was giving me troubles all day.  I couldn't post photos, so just for the record:  I have now started taking down Christmas decorations!  


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