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The Globes {2014 Edition}

Last night was the official start to one of my favorite seasons... Awards Season!  This year I am so very behind.  I have seen almost zero new movies this year, so I have got some real work to do to gear up for the rest of the season.  It's coming fast and furious... Oscar nominations are this Thursday and the SAG Awards are Saturday.

As for last night's awards, here are some thoughts:

TV:  I may behind on the movie front, but I'm up to date on the TV side of things.  I think the comedy awards to Brooklyn Nine-Nine were a huge surprise.  It wasn't really much of a surprise with the drama awards as the HFP clearly wanted to give Breaking Bad one last hoorah.  The miniseries or a motion picture made for television category was a hard one for me to pick a favorite as I liked "Behind the Candelabra" and "Dancing on the Edge."

Fashion:  There seemed to be more "what were they thinking" dresses than normal last night.  Among those who are the f…

Beautiful pictures

My uncle took his family on a two week trip to New Zealand.  Isn't that how you spend Christmas break when you were in 7th & 8th grades?  No?  Me either!  Lucky girls!  They just got back today, but Mark has been blogging the trip as they went.

Photography is my uncle's hobby, but he has equipment that is better than most professionals.  He took some really amazing photos, so if you would like to travel to New Zealand (and briefly Australia) vicariously through them like I've been doing, check out Mark's blog.

Here are a few of the pics that I love, but there are so many more over at his blog

Christmas {2013|

I just got around to uploading the Christmas pictures in my camera.  99% are pictures of the dogs.  The 1% is just a human that also happens to be in a picture with one of the dogs!

The pups just get so into the presents.  They love opening stockings the best, and of course they have their own with their names monogrammed on them.
This wasn't even Lola's loot, but she was very interested. Lola got some new bones...
a new alligator...
 and a beautiful sparkly pink collar

She was very excited about this new toy
Milly was excited by this squirrel toy too

Getting all of these gifts is apparently very tiring!