Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Heart Day!

I've really failed at the Valentine decorating this year.  Well, I'm not even sure if I failed because I made ZERO attempt to do anything.  I did manage to make & buy valentines to send out, so I guess that's what really counts.

This year, I did Burt's Bees valentine treats for some friends...

I thought they turned out really cute.  It's a pinterest idea (of course)!   I should have photoshopped my "message" into the card, but I didn't think about it until I had already had the cards printed.
I found these cute stickers at Swoozies and thought they were perfect to seal the overstuffed envelopes...
I also raided pinterest for ideas for Jennifer's little boy's valentines.  I found the download and print shopped them to include the "From: Joshua" because every time she makes him sign his name to things, it's like she has sentenced him to working in the coal mine.  She sent me this pic of the finished product after she had added the glowsticks...

I'm feeling lots of love because I got some great valentine gifts throughout this week!  My cousins sent me a gift card to Sprinkles.  Since Sprinkles ice cream & cupcake sundae is like my favorite thing on earth, and I just finished off the card they sent me for my birthday, I was overjoyed to receive this gift!

Also, my Mom & Dad sent me this bracelet from Nordstrom.  I love love love it!  I wear lots of Navy, so it's perfect to go with lot of different outfits.
Poor Lola isn't getting anything for valentines day this year because:

(1) her birthday is Monday and there is only so much you can buy this pup who has a restricted diet and more toys than she could play with in a year,

(2) I just bought her a $110 bag of dog food last week, and

(3) she had to be trekked up to the vet this week (on icy roads!) for an ear infection (again!) and that was another large chunk of change!

So call puppy protection services if you must, be she's out of luck this valentines day!

Oh, and I may have also bought myself the "Man of Steel" valentines.  I love Henry Cavill and couldn't resist!

I hope you have a happy valentines day!



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