Sunday, April 13, 2014

A trip to Oz

This weekend was my cousin Gracie's last middle school play, as she is going to be in high school next year.

Just a side note :  I cannot believe she is almost in high school.  Makes me feel so very old!  My only consolation is that it makes my friends feel equally old because Gracie & her sister were born during law school... Gracie in our second year, and Maddie is our Bar baby because she was born early in July when we took the Bar.  

Anyway, the final play for Miss Gracie's career at HPMS was a great one...
and she got the lead and was Dorothy!

Here's a little clip of a portion of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
(she did such a great job!)
((and would you look at that adorable little Toto dog!!))

Here she is with the munchkins & Glinda
The Lollipop Guild
Breaking the bad news (of her sister's death) to the Wicked Witch of the West...

Meeting Scarecrow
If he only had a brain!
Meeting the Tinman
and the Lion
For the theatre version, instead of a scene where they are put to sleep in a field of poppies, they encounter jitterbugs, who after dancing the jitterbug, put them all to sleep
Welcome to Oz!

I'm Melting!
This was a crazy high tech performance!  Here is Glinda flying in.  Dorothy flew during the tornado, and when the flying monkeys carried her away too!
There's no place like home.  There's no place like home
Gracie was awarded the "Drama Cloak"
This is an old theatre tradition where the cast and crew vote on the single person whom they feel exemplifies the spirit of the production
Way to go Gracie!
The Star greeting her fans back stage

Gracie and Maddie

Mark, Gracie, & Kati

Me, Gracie, & Mom



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