Monday, May 5, 2014

A Summer Tote

Starting early this year, I saw this L.K. Bennett ad in all my magazines month in and month out...
Immediately, I felt a strong pull toward that English Seaside inspired tote!

I went to their website and it was nowhere to be found.  I looked week after week, and finally took to twitter...
(by the way, it is not named Lucy)

I waited impatiently patiently, and finally I found them on their UK website, but they weren't on the US website.  I also called to the Texas LK Bennett store in Houston.  They knew less than I did for whatever reason, but they mentioned that they were getting lots of calls of inquiry about it.

So what's a girl to do?  Take to the twitter again, of course...

I started to worry that if I waited for them to be released in the US, they would sell out before I got one, so I sucked it up, decided I wanted it bad enough to pay shipping from the UK, and placed an order from their UK website.

Truth be told, I wasn't even really sure what the bag cost, or how much the shipping was, since it was all priced out in pounds instead of dollars.  But I did what I often did when going to school in London, or traveling over there... I doubled it and decided that I was okay paying that, so I placed the order.  

Shockingly, I placed the order on a Tuesday, and it was delivered on Friday morning!  Amazing!
It actually was shipped from the UK and got to my house in 24 hours!

(sorry all those were iPhone pics, and bad ones at that!)

A better picture
It came with a cute little post card too!

I'm so happy to have it.  I think it's such a super cute Spring/Summer tote.  Oh, and I was correct.  Out of all three, the one I got was sold out instantly once it hit the US market!  So glad I paid for the shipping, and so sad I didn't order several to ebay!  


courtney said...

super cute! way to hunt it down, girl! :)

The Cooper Family said...

You are the master! Love it!


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