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London & Brussels 2014 {Day 4}

When I decided to go to London, I knew that I probably wanted to do two, out-of-London, excursions.  I knew that going to Newbury for Highclere Castle was an absolute must.  I mean they are only open to the public between 60-70 days per year, and since I was hitting it right this time, I had to take advantage.

I thought about going to Edinburgh, Scotland, but I've been twice before.  I thought about going over to Paris, but I've been there before too.  I had just about settled on traveling down to the coast, and visiting Brighton (and I still really want to do that someday), but then I realized that I was going to be in that part of the world during the Brussels Flower Carpet.

The Flower Carpet takes place in the Brussels' Grand Place every other year, for three days.  So I totally just lucked out with the timing.  Upon that discovery, I immediately booked my Eurostar ticket from London to Brussels.  It's only a 2 hour train ride aboard the high speed Eurostar.  It go…