Thursday, August 21, 2014

London & Brussels 2014 {Day Two~Part One}

Day two of my trip was pretty busy, and I have lots and lots of photos, so I've decided to break the post down into two parts...morning and afternoon.

I got up and took the underground to Tower Hill.  I was visiting the Tower of London first thing that morning.  I have been to the Tower a couple of times before, but I was going there specifically to see the Poppies art installation that was introduced the week before in honor of the centenary of the First World War.

Wills, Kate, and Harry had opened the installation...too bad I missed them!
 It is a progressive art installation which will eventually have 888,246 poppies by the time it is completed on November 11th.  That will be a poppy for each of the British military fatalities during the war.
It was really stunning.

I didn't go through very much of the tower, but I did walk around the White Tower and Tower Green.
I always think that Tower Green is so peaceful, but tragic when you consider those who (literally) lost their heads there.

I did go inside the jewel tower.

The Crown Jewels display was re-done by DeBeers a couple of years ago in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  I thought it well done and much better than it had been before.
(of course, no pics allowed inside)

Tower Bridge, as viewed from inside the Tower of London...

After the Tower of London, my next stop was Tower Bridge.  I had obviously seen Tower Bridge before, but had never actually walked close to it, much less over it.
It's one of those things that you think "Why didn't I do this before?!?"
I really loved walking up on the bridge.
I also was going to the Tower Bridge Exhibition (because it was included in my London Pass).

A picture from inside one of the towers, because when you get tricked into taking "the steps" instead of the lift, and you have to climb ALL THE WAY TO THE DANG TOP, and you think you are literally going to die in the stairwell, why not stop and take some pics out the window while you try to catch your breath.
The best part of the Exhibition, in my opinion, was that you got to walk across those connectors at the very top, and get a great view of the city.
Looking out toward St. Paul's.
After I left the exhibition, I wondered through the Borough of Southwark, which I had also never done.  I think it is absolutely worth doing.  You get some great views.
And I was lucky enough to see this super cute union jack boat...

This chalkboard sign called my name too...
the HMS Belfast...

Tower Bridge always gets called "London Bridge", but this is actually London Bridge.  
Not near as pretty as Tower Bridge!
I love the flowers all over London, but especially the ones that decorate the Pubs.

My next stop was Borough Market for lunch.
This is also something I had not done before, but if you are going to London, it is a MUST DO.

When I passed a booth selling drinks, I couldn't help but get myself a Pimm's Cup

Borough Market is a place where you can buy all sorts of great food...

and also flowers...

I surveyed the offerings, and decided to have lunch at this booth...

I opted for the Chick N' Hop, which was a "Free range British Chicken & Ham with West Country Cheddar", and a side of mashed potatoes.
It was super yum!
I didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked, and I didn't get one of those yummy desserts in that earlier pic (what was I thinking?), but I was really happy I made the visit to the market.

I headed off to tackle the rest of my to-do list for the day.  
Lots more to come in Day Two.  Stay Tuned...


Legally Lovely said...

eeeeek, this is so much fun! Thank you for all the pictures of the poppy installation; I had seen pictures from when it was opened, but not from so many angles - it makes sense to me now!

Your day looked so great. You must have done a lot of walking! That market especially looked like fun. I want to go!!


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