Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall TV {2014}

I love TV, and for those of us who love TV, there is nothing better than premier week.  Those casts we love are back, and maybe we are even looking forward to meeting new characters on some new shows.  I've made my spreadsheet of what comes on when, and when each show premiers.  Here are the shows I'm most looking forward to seeing again:

Returning this week on Fox for it's 3rd Season is The Mindy Project
To say that I LOVE this show, doesn't go far enough.  I watch each episode at least 2 times.  Last time I did that?  We are talking Sex and the City people.  I'm serious about this show.  It makes me laugh so hard.

And as an aside, I desperately want to be friends with Mindy Kaling!  But back to the greatness that is the show... Season One was good, Season Two was great, and I cannot wait until Season Three starts this Tuesday.  If you haven't jumped onto The Mindy Project train, get onboard...NOW!  Catch up with the first two seasons while DVR'ing the new season until you are ready to watch.

Of course I'm also ready for some Scandal!
Where on Earth is Olivia Pope?

Parenthood  is another one I'm really looking forward to.  This is the finale year, so it is bittersweet.  I'm so glad that NBC renewed it for a final, albeit shorter season, but I hate that great ensemble cast shows are so hard to keep running.  I love the Braverman family!  It is a show that makes me laugh and cry through every single episode without fail.

I also can't wait for The Good Wife.  It is great TV
And if you watch, this promo probably makes you have the same reaction that I did!
(If you don't watch, you should!)

There are several new shows I plan to give a shot, but one of the new shows I'm really looking forward to is Madam Secretary.
It seems to have several things I love on it's side: Washington, D.C., Great cast... 

What about you?  What are you looking forward to seeing on your TV?

I've excluded cable shows from this post.  I LOVE my cable shows, and am greatly enjoying those that are currently running, and eagerly await the return of some others, but since they don't fall into the typical network premier dates, I did not cover them here.  



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