Thursday, December 18, 2014

In the news...

Right before Thanksgiving, I was contacted by a writer for the Dallas Morning News.  She was writing an article on holiday keepsakes that people bring out from year to year.  She is a reader of my blog, so she knew that I was a Christmas decorating nut, and figured I had something that would work for the article.  We discussed several options, decided on a Santa that I have, and set up a photo shoot for the Monday after Thanksgiving.

I spent that whole Thanksgiving weekend decorating like crazy.  Which is par for the course really, but I had an added deadline to have my house all decorated since I wasn't sure what they wanted to take a picture of. 

The article came out in the paper on Saturday, and was on the front page of the Arts & Life section...
This Santa is one that my Meme painted back in 1973, so I've never seen a Christmas where he wasn't a decoration at her house, or now mine.  
Several years ago she was cleaning out and giving away stuff, and I snatched Mr. Claus!

Here is a different picture that accompanied the article online.
I've just enjoyed seeing the professional pics of my decorations!  Stay tuned... I will post my own decoration pics soon, but they aren't near as well done!



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