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Maine & Boston 2015 {Day Six}

Day Six was really only about a half day in Boston, but the government geek in me knew there was only one place I could spend it...

I do love a Presidential Library!
After a brief film, the exhibits proceed in chronological order.  
I want to bring back some campaign elements of bygone years...specifically dresses for a candidate and campaign songs.
Some buttons, which I thought photograph worthy due to the pre-26th Amendment button.
The set up of the Kennedy/Nixon debate.  This was the first televised debate in Presidential elections. I always love a first ladies dress... The President's rocking chair Because of a high school tour group which was driving me nuts, I didn't get any other pics of the exhibits. Looking out the windows toward the President's boat.

I braved the elements (wind, rain, cold) to go out and get some pics.
 I didn't have a ton of time left, but my next stop was just next door.   The new Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.


Boston & Maine 2015 {Day Five}

I woke up on Monday with plans to see as much of Boston as possible. It was really raining hard when I left the hotel, so instead of walking to catch public transportation, I hopped right into the nice dry cab that was waiting outside of the hotel.  I had him drive me down to the Harbor area where the Old Town Trolley tours leave from.  It takes a little over 2 hours to make the entire loop, so I decided to do that while it was raining.  I have done Old Town Trolley tours in other cities, and I think it is really good.  You really do get to see a lot from the Trolley, and the tour guides seem pretty knowledgeable.  Once the tour was over, I made my way over the the Legal Sea Foods at the Harbor. 

I had a great luch of shrimp, scallops, and a crab cake.
Then I set out walking toward Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market.  I missed a turn for FH, so I ended up at the Old State House.  Then as I made my way to FH and Quincy Market, I encountered a parade.

After watching the parade for a few mi…