Friday, September 11, 2015

Ready for October

I know we still in the first half of September, but October will be here before we know it.  
October is definitely one of my favorite months!
When I was out shopping this weekend, I popped into TJ Maxx/Homegoods, and their Halloween game was on point y'all!  They had just about anything Halloween you could want, and even tons of things that you didn't even know you wanted.  If you have any Halloween needs (and sadly, I do not), head out to your TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Homegoods.  They seem to be ready to roll into October.

As I said, I don't need another Halloween thing, BUT since I've never met a tree that I didn't think could use more ornaments, ornaments are always a purchase I can rationalize buying.  And since I'm an eccentric nut who has a Halloween tree...
these Radio Shiny Brites were calling my name!

If you have a keen eye, you might have noticed that my Halloween tree from last year already had some Shiny Brite ornaments, but not THESE Shiny Brites....
These are super cool.  The black design is actually a textured, with a velvety feel.  I have some similar for Christmas, but am super excited to see these on my tree.
Is it too early to start decorating for Halloween?!?



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