Monday, October 19, 2015

A Solo-Birthday Outing

On Saturday, I had a little solo-pre-birthday outing.  My actual b-day this week kinda sucks... it's my BIG day of teaching, so I'm not done until like 9:45 p.m.  No time to celebrate.  So I took it upon myself to sign up for a couple of spa treatments at Neiman Marcus curtesy of Spa Week and their $50 treatments.

I made a big plan:  Get to the mall about 9:30.  Get a close parking place since it's 30 minutes before the stores open.  Enjoy a quiet breakfast at Corner Bakery.  Shop a little as soon as the stores open and everything gets crowded.  Hit the Spa at 11:00.

Well, things started out a little shaky.  I absentmindedly set off my house alarm as I was trying to set it to leave.  I thought I cancelled it out, and even waited about a minute to make sure the alarm company wasn't going to call.  They didn't, and so I left.  When I got about a mile away from the house, I noticed they had called my cell, which I hadn't heard because my phone was on silent.  I had to pull over and call them back (and was put on HOLD!), but I got that squared away and I don't think the police came to my house (at least not that Lola reported).

Then when I neared Northpark Center, I noticed a helicopter hovering above that area.  I didn't think much about it, until I started trying to pull into what should have been a deserted parking lot, and there was a sea of people in pink and every parking spot was taken!  UGH!  They were having a giant breast cancer walk there early that morning!  Luckily, I caught someone leaving and got a good parking spot, but so much for my quiet breakfast and no-crowd shopping.  The mall was packed!  And that was 30 minutes before the stores even opened.

I did get my breakfast at Corner Bakery though.  When it's your pre-birthday celebration, and you can't decide what to order, just order both things!

Swiss Oatmeal & Ham, Egg, and Swiss Panini
{a swiss theme?}
North park always has great pumpkin displays....
After breakfast I headed toward Kate Spade.  On my way there, I happened upon a great art display they have going on...designers through the years.  A great surprise! 
{How amazing is that Oscar de la Renta there in front?}
I was Kate Spade bound because I wanted to look for a new wallet.  I adore the KS Lacey zip around wallets, and I've have several of them.  Unfortunately my last two have been the "glitterbug" and my zipper tab has broken on both of them.  I had returned the most recent one a couple of months ago, and had received a gift card in exchange.  KS was having a 25% off sale, so I was able to get this pretty new wallet for not much extra $.  It's a brand new one, called Cedar Street Racing Stripe Lacey in Rose Jade & Gold.  
{Pink and Gold = my love language}

Once I was done at Kate Spade, I wondered down to Neimans where I purchased some makeup before heading down to the spa.
{Tom Ford lipstick is also my love language}
At the spa, I enjoyed an hour long massage and then an hour long facial.
Once I was done, I went to a different make-up counter at Neimans and bought some more make-up (oops!), and then headed out to Preston Center.  At Preston Center, I needed to go to Bag and Baggage for some plug adapters for my upcoming trip to Europe, and then had lunch...
Why yes, I DID have a sprinkles sundae with red velvet cupcake and red velvet ice cream for lunch.  If you can't take advantage of being an adult by having cupcakes and ice cream for lunch, then you are just living life all wrong! 
{Cupcakes are, you guessed it, also my love language}

It was a great solo-pre-birthday outing!  
Now only if I could celebrate without actually getting a year older...



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