Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pinch me, I have to be dreaming...

Pinch me, I have to be dreaming... is my beloved Gilmore Girls really being revived on Netflix for 4- 90 minute "movies"?  I can hardly think of anything that would have made me happier this week {well short of winning the lotto, world peace, etc.}!

They really got our hopes up earlier this year when Scott Patterson was on a podcast called Gilmore Guys, and hinted that everyone was on board with shooting new episodes.  Then when the cast reunited at ATX festival down in Austin this summer, they also hinted at this, though Amy Sherman-Palladino said "nothing was in the works, but the good news is everyone gets along so it was possible" (kinda paraphrasing her here).

When Variety hit with the news on Monday, I was skeptical, but then the non-confirmation-confirmations started rolling in, and I was on cloud 9.

and even our former Secretary of State weighed in...

So here is what I feel like I HAVE to see in the new episodes:

(1) Luke & Lorelai.  Together.  Forever.  The End.
(2) Rory as a successful journalist.
(3) The guys:  Rory doesn't necessarily have to be involved romantically with any of them, but come on, we need to now what's happening with Jess & Logan (okay, fine, Dean too, even though I never liked him for Rory, or really even liked him period).

Sure I want to see what's happening with all the other character of Star's Hollow, but that's my list of demands.  Amy Sherman-Palladino, take note!

Now, if news breaks that Netflix is reviving The West Wing with Aaron Sorkin writing it, don't tell me until next week.  I CANNOT handle that much excitement in my life!



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