Friday, November 13, 2015

{Confessions of a Product Junkie}... Skin Care Fall 2015 Edition

Well, my skin decided to go haywire recently, so I decided to try a new skin care regime.  I went to Rene Rouleau Spa and tried a whole line of products.  They have 9 different skin types identified and then a line of products tailored to your type.

I have still been using my basic Almay eye makeup remover pads, and CeraVe hydrating cleanser to remove makeup, but then I have been adding the following to my routine...

I wash my face morning and night with this Gentle Gel Cleanser.

I follow up with the Elderberry Toner both morning and night.

They talked me into buying these Toning Cloths for the application of the toner.  Supposedly, it absorbs less of the product than cotton balls do, and thus you go through your product slower than if you used the cotton balls.  I haven't really figured out if you save money or not, because obviously these cost more than cotton balls.  I need to put some pencil to paper here and figure it out.

I use two of their Serums.  You apply the serum after you apply toner at night.  I use the BHA Clarifying Serum for three days, and then switch to the Skin Correcting Serum for the next 3 nights, and then back to BHA, etc.

I also tried their Vitamin C Eye Brightener.  I do think that my dark circles have diminished since I started using this eye cream morning and night.

I've been using these products for several months.  I started with just the cleanser, toner and eye cream.  I didn't see the results I hoped, so I added the serums, and they were the game changer.  I can tell they are helping.  So far I've been pretty happy with these products so if you are like me, and having trouble with your skin, you might check out these products.  They seem to be the real deal.

*Not a sponsored post.  Just my opinion about some products that have helped me out!


Gina said...

My super sensitive skin is in love with Caudalie. It immediately feels better and within a week looks better than it had in many years. It's at Sephora but you get great freebies when you buy directly. Also Josie Maran's Argan oil is what I use at night and it's perfect for dry skin. I wake up feeling like I had a facial and it's not greasy, nothing on the pillow, and it literally heals my skin overnight. It's too oily for daytime use for me, but I could see it being mixed with another product to add moisture. My skin care holy grail!


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